Clare is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid creatures called Yoma, who feed on humans. Clare is a member of the Claymore organization, a group composed of half-human, half-Yoma female warriors tasked with exterminating Yoma. Each Claymore is assigned a rank, and Clare is notable for starting as one of the weakest warriors but gradually becoming one of the strongest. Her journey is driven by a deep personal vendetta against the Yoma that killed someone very close to her, and her character develops significantly throughout the series. Clare’s distinct personality, appearance, and abilities, along with her complex relationships with other characters and her pivotal role in the story, have made her a beloved figure among fans of the series. This page provides an in-depth look at Clare’s character, from her background and motivations to the nuances that make her a unique and compelling protagonist in the world of “Claymore.”



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As a child, Clare was a human orphan, whose parents were killed by Yoma. She was taken in by a Claymore named Teresa, who was the strongest and most compassionate of her kind. Teresa violated the organization’s rules to protect Clare, which eventually led to her death. Before dying, Teresa allowed Clare to ingest her flesh, which transformed Clare into a Claymore. This was an unprecedented act, as typically, a Claymore is created by infusing a young girl with Yoma flesh. Clare’s transformation was unique because she was older than the usual age for initiation, and she received the flesh of another Claymore rather than a Yoma.

Motivated by a desire for revenge against the Yoma that killed Teresa and a deep-seated need to carry on Teresa’s will, Clare volunteered to undergo the painful process to become a Claymore. Her determination to avenge Teresa’s death and confront her own demons drives her throughout the series, setting her apart from her fellow warriors, who often view their role as a curse rather than a choice. Clare’s background and the trauma she experienced as a child deeply influence her personality, relationships, and actions as she navigates the dangerous world she inhabits.



As the series progresses, Clare’s personality gradually evolves. She develops bonds with others and starts to show more compassion and empathy, especially towards her fellow Claymores and the humans she protects. Her interactions with characters like Raki bring out a more protective and nurturing side, revealing a depth of emotion that she typically keeps suppressed.

Clare’s single-minded pursuit of strength and her willingness to challenge the norms of her society also demonstrate her rebellious and independent nature. She often takes risks that other Claymores would avoid, driven by her personal convictions rather than blind obedience to the organization that created her.

Despite her growth, Clare retains a level of detachment, which can be seen as a coping mechanism to deal with the horrors she faces as a warrior against the Yoma. Her ability to remain calm and composed in battle is one of her defining traits, allowing her to analyze situations and strategize effectively. This cool-headedness, combined with her fierce determination and evolving emotional depth, creates a complex character who resonates with fans of the “Claymore” series.



As for her attire, Clare dons the standard uniform of the Claymore warriors. This consists of a silver breastplate, faulds, and shoulder guards over a white bodysuit with dark-colored boots. The uniform is both functional and symbolic, designed for combat efficiency and to mark her as part of the organization. The symbol of the Claymore warriors, a double-edged sword, is prominently displayed on the breastplate.

Clare’s physical appearance also evolves throughout the series. As she becomes more powerful, her body undergoes subtle changes that reflect her increasing strength and the closer merging with her Yoma side. Her eyes, in particular, can shift from their usual silver to a golden hue when she taps into her Yoma powers, signaling her loss of humanity and the danger she poses to both enemies and allies alike. Her facial expression is often stoic and cold, a mask that hides her inner turmoil and the compassion she feels for her fellow warriors and humans.



As a half-human, half-Yoma hybrid, Clare has the ability to release her Yoma power, which increases her combat abilities further. However, she must be careful not to overuse this power, as losing control could lead to her becoming an Awakened Being—a more powerful and monstrous form that is a Claymore’s greatest fear.

Clare also has the unique ability to sense the flow of Yoki, the energy that Yoma and Claymores use, which allows her to anticipate an opponent’s moves and counter them effectively. She is skilled in swordsmanship, with her primary weapon being a large, broadsword that is standard issue for all Claymores.

Throughout the series, Clare acquires additional techniques and abilities. She learns the “Quick Sword” technique from Ilena, which greatly increases the speed of her sword strikes. She also develops the ability to partially awaken parts of her body to enhance her strength and speed without fully transforming into an Awakened Being.

Moreover, Clare has a strong will and mental fortitude, which allows her to resist the influence of her Yoma side and maintain control during battles. Her determination and focus are key to her survival and success as a warrior in the perilous world she inhabits.



Another important relationship is with Raki, a young boy Clare saves from a Yoma early in the series. Raki becomes an emotional anchor for Clare, humanizing her and providing companionship. Their bond grows stronger over time, with Raki often being Clare’s source of motivation and emotional support.

Clare also has complicated relationships with her fellow Claymores. Initially, she is distant and considered a loner, partly due to her unique status as the only one to have taken the flesh and blood of another Claymore, rather than a Yoma, to become a Claymore herself. However, as the story progresses, she forms alliances and friendships with other warriors, such as Miria, Helen, and Deneve, who become her close comrades in battle.

Her relationship with the organization that creates and manages the Claymores is fraught with tension and distrust. Clare’s ultimate goal is to rebel against the organization’s manipulative and secretive nature, which she sees as responsible for much of the suffering in her life and the lives of her fellow warriors.

Lastly, Clare’s relationship with Priscilla, the antagonist who is responsible for Teresa’s death, is central to her character arc. Priscilla represents Clare’s deepest hatred and desire for revenge, driving many of her actions throughout the series. Their encounters are intense and emotional, highlighting Clare’s struggle between her human emotions and the monstrous power she wields as a Claymore.

Throughout the series, these relationships are crucial in developing Clare’s character and driving the narrative forward, illustrating her growth from a solitary, revenge-driven warrior to a leader and protector with deep connections to those around her.

Role in the Story


At the beginning of the series, Clare is introduced as a lone Claymore on a mission to hunt down Yoma. She is ranked as No. 47, making her the lowest-ranked Claymore of her generation, which often leads others to underestimate her abilities. However, her determination and willpower set her apart from her peers.

Clare’s journey is driven by her quest for revenge against the powerful Yoma, Priscilla, who killed Teresa, a former No. 1 ranked Claymore and Clare’s mentor. Clare had willingly undergone the transformation into a Claymore to avenge Teresa’s death, which is a recurring motivation throughout the series.

Throughout her travels, Clare encounters and often saves various humans and fellow Claymores, which leads to the development of significant relationships. She forms a particularly close bond with a young boy named Raki, who becomes her companion after she saves him from a Yoma that had killed his family.

As the story progresses, Clare becomes involved in larger conflicts within the Claymore organization and the world at large. She discovers hidden truths about the organization’s motives and the origins of the Yoma and Claymores themselves. This leads her to join forces with other Claymores to confront these revelations and challenge the status quo.

Clare’s role evolves from a solitary avenger to a leader in the struggle against the Yoma and the oppressive system that governs the Claymores’ existence. Her personal growth, along with her increasing power and combat skills, are central to the narrative, as she inspires other Claymores to fight for their freedom and humanity.

The climax of Clare’s story revolves around her confrontation with Priscilla. This battle is not only a test of her physical abilities but also a culmination of her emotional journey, as she seeks closure for Teresa’s death and her own painful past. Throughout the story, Clare’s role reflects themes of vengeance, redemption, and the search for one’s identity in a world filled with darkness and adversity.


  • Despite being the protagonist, Clare is not the highest-ranked warrior in the series; she starts as number 47 out of 47, the lowest rank among her peers.
  • The name “Clare” is derived from the Latin word “Clarus,” which means “clear” or “bright.” This could be seen as a reflection of her determination and clarity of purpose in her quest for vengeance and justice.
  • Clare’s character design, with her silver eyes and pale hair, is typical of Claymores in the series, but her hairstyle changes throughout the series, indicating her development and the passage of time.
  • In the anime adaptation, Clare’s voice is provided by Houko Kuwashima in the Japanese version and by Stephanie Young in the English dub.
  • The creator of Claymore, Norihiro Yagi, has stated in interviews that he was inspired by the medieval European aesthetic when designing the world of Claymore, which is reflected in Clare’s armor and sword.
  • Clare’s relationship with the character Raki evolves throughout the series, starting as a protector-ward dynamic and developing into a deeper bond, which is a central theme in both the manga and the anime.
  • In various popularity polls conducted by the manga’s publisher, Clare consistently ranks as one of the most popular characters in the series, often vying for the top spot with other prominent characters.
  • The symbol on Clare’s uniform, like those of all Claymores, corresponds to her rank within the organization. It changes as she rises in rank throughout the series.
  • The series has a significant fan base, and Clare’s character has been a popular subject for cosplay, fan art, and various forms of fan appreciation.
  • Clare’s journey and the challenges she faces raise questions about humanity and monster nature, which are central philosophical themes in the “Claymore” series.

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