Griffith is a central character in the popular anime and manga series Berserk, created by Kentaro Miura. As the leader of the mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk, Griffith is a complex and enigmatic figure who plays a crucial role in the story’s development. Known for his striking appearance and charismatic personality, Griffith’s actions and motivations have a profound impact on the other characters and the overall narrative of Berserk. This page provides an in-depth look at Griffith’s background, personality, abilities, relationships, and his significant role in the story, as well as some interesting trivia about the character.



  1. Background
  2. Personality
  3. Appearance
  4. Abilities
  5. Relationships
  6. Role in the Story
  7. Trivia



Griffith is a central character in the anime and manga series Berserk. He is the charismatic and enigmatic leader of the Band of the Hawk, a group of mercenaries known for their skill in battle. Griffith comes from a humble background, but his ambition and strategic mind have propelled him to the top of the mercenary world. He is driven by a desire for power and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.



Griffith is a complex and enigmatic character, often described as charismatic and charming. He possesses a strong sense of ambition and determination, which fuels his desire for power and success. Despite his charming exterior, Griffith also exhibits a manipulative and calculating nature, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He is highly intelligent and strategic, often using his charisma and cunning to sway others to his side. However, beneath his composed facade, Griffith harbors a deep inner turmoil and vulnerability, which is occasionally glimpsed in moments of solitude.



Griffith is a tall and handsome man with long, flowing white hair and piercing blue eyes. He often wears elegant and regal clothing, befitting of his status as the leader of the Band of the Hawk. He has a graceful and commanding presence, and is often seen carrying himself with an air of confidence and charisma. Despite his striking appearance, there is a certain coldness and aloofness to him that adds to his enigmatic and mysterious aura.



– Exceptional swordsmanship

– Charismatic leadership skills

– Strategic intelligence

– Supernatural powers (after becoming Femto)

– Manipulative and persuasive abilities



Guts: Griffith’s closest and most complex relationship is with Guts, his right-hand man and eventual rival. Their bond is a central focus of the story, and their dynamic has a significant impact on both characters.

Casca: Griffith also has a close bond with Casca, one of his most trusted and capable warriors. Their relationship becomes strained due to various circumstances throughout the story.

– The Band of the Hawk: Griffith’s leadership and charisma have earned him the loyalty and admiration of the members of the Band of the Hawk, who are fiercely dedicated to him.

Role in the Story


Griffith plays a central role in the story as the charismatic and enigmatic leader of the Band of the Hawk. He is a skilled tactician and strategist, leading his mercenary group to numerous victories on the battlefield. His ambition and charisma attract many followers, including the protagonist Guts, and he is able to manipulate those around him to achieve his goals. Griffith’s actions and decisions have a profound impact on the events of the story, ultimately leading to a tragic and cataclysmic turning point for the characters and the world they inhabit.


  • Griffith’s original name was Guts, but he changed it to Griffith after joining the Band of the Hawk.
  • He is known for his androgynous appearance and graceful demeanor.
  • Griffith’s dream is to obtain his own kingdom, known as the “Falconia.”
  • He is highly skilled in swordsmanship and strategy, making him a formidable leader on the battlefield.
  • Griffith’s relationship with Guts and Casca is a central focus of the story, leading to significant conflicts and developments.
  • Despite his charming facade, Griffith is revealed to have a darker and more ambitious side as the story progresses.
  • His actions have a profound impact on the fate of the world in the Berserk series.

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