Guts is a central character in the popular anime and manga series Berserk, created by Kentaro Miura. Known for his formidable strength and unwavering determination, Guts has become a beloved and iconic figure in the world of Japanese animation. With a complex and compelling backstory, as well as a rich set of relationships and abilities, Guts has left a lasting impression on fans of the series. This page aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Guts, delving into his background, personality, appearance, abilities, relationships, role in the story, and various trivia.



  1. Background
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  4. Abilities
  5. Relationships
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Guts, also known as the Black Swordsman, is the protagonist of the anime and manga series Berserk. He was born from the corpse of his hanged mother, and was raised by a mercenary group called the Band of the Hawk. Guts grew up as a skilled fighter, and eventually became the right-hand man of the group’s leader, Griffith. However, after a series of traumatic events, Guts left the Band of the Hawk and embarked on a journey of revenge and self-discovery.



Guts is known for his strong and independent personality. He is often seen as a lone wolf, keeping his emotions and thoughts to himself. He is fiercely determined and has a strong sense of justice, often taking on seemingly impossible challenges. Guts also has a dark and brooding side, stemming from his traumatic past experiences. Despite this, he is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and will go to great lengths to protect them. His complex and multi-dimensional personality makes him a compelling and memorable character in the Berserk series.



Guts is a tall and muscular man with a rugged and imposing appearance. He has long, black hair and is often seen wearing a black cape and a metal arm guard. His face is typically covered in scars, including one over his left eye which he lost during a battle. Guts is often depicted wielding a massive sword, which he carries with ease despite its size. Overall, his appearance reflects his tough and battle-hardened nature.



– Master swordsman: Guts is a highly skilled swordsman, known for his incredible strength and precision in battle.

– Berserker Armor: Guts possesses a powerful suit of armor that enhances his strength and endurance, allowing him to push his limits in combat.

– Cannon arm: Guts has a mechanical arm equipped with a hidden cannon, which gives him an advantage in long-range combat.

– Tactical mind: Guts is a strategic fighter, able to analyze his opponents and adapt his fighting style to exploit their weaknesses.



– Guts’ relationship with Griffith: Guts initially admires Griffith and is loyal to him, but their relationship becomes strained as Griffith’s ambition and obsession with power lead to betrayal and tragedy.

– Guts’ relationship with Casca: Guts and Casca have a complex relationship, initially filled with tension and conflict but eventually developing into a deep and meaningful bond.

– Guts’ relationship with Puck: Guts initially sees Puck as a nuisance, but their relationship evolves into a friendship as Puck provides comic relief and support for Guts during his darkest moments.

– Guts’ relationship with the Band of the Hawk: Guts forms strong bonds with the members of the Band of the Hawk, particularly Judeau and Rickert, who become like family to him.

Role in the Story


Guts plays a central role in the story as the protagonist of Berserk. His journey is the focus of the series, as he struggles against the forces of evil and seeks revenge for the betrayal and suffering he has endured. Guts’ actions and decisions have a significant impact on the plot and the other characters, driving the narrative forward and shaping the world of Berserk.


  • Guts is left-handed, which is unusual for a swordsman in the Berserk universe.
  • He is known for his iconic weapon, the Dragonslayer, which is a massive sword that he wields with incredible strength.
  • Guts has a brand on the back of his neck, which attracts evil spirits and demons to him.
  • Despite his tough exterior, Guts has a fear of being alone, stemming from his traumatic childhood.
  • He has a complicated and often tumultuous relationship with the series’ other main characters, especially Griffith and Casca.

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