The Mystery Behind Why Claymores Are All Blonde

The Claymore series features characters with a special appearance – they all have blonde hair. This has led fans to wonder why this is the case. In this article, we will explore the mystery behind why all Claymores are blonde and delve into the possible reasons behind this unique trait.


  1. The Origin of Claymores
  2. Exception to the Rule
  3. Possible Explanations
  4. Conclusion

I. The Origin of Claymores

The Mystery Behind Why Claymores Are All Blonde

The Claymores are special warriors who undergo intense training and a dangerous procedure to become half-human, half-monster hybrids. During their training, they are implanted with Yoma tissue, which gives them superhuman abilities but also changes their appearance. This transformation gives them silver eyes and blonde hair, making them easily recognizable as Claymores. The Yoma tissue also helps them to detect and fight against the Yoma monsters more effectively. This process is what makes all Claymores have the same distinctive look.

II. Exception to the Rule

The Mystery Behind Why Claymores Are All Blonde

In the world of Claymore, most of the warrior women known as Claymores have striking blonde hair. However, there is an exception to this rule in the form of Clarice. Unlike her fellow Claymores, Clarice has dark hair, which sets her apart from the others. This makes her appearance unique among the warrior women who have undergone the same transformation process.

Clarice’s different hair color is due to the fact that the Yoma transplant partially took hold for her. This means that she didn’t fully undergo the same physical changes as the other Claymores, resulting in her distinctive appearance. Despite this difference, Clarice still possesses the strength and abilities of a Claymore, making her a formidable warrior in her own right.

III. Possible Explanations

The Mystery Behind Why Claymores Are All Blonde

There are a few possible reasons why all Claymores are blonde. One idea is that their hair color might be the result of genetic manipulation. This means that scientists or other people might have changed their genes to make them have blonde hair. Another possibility is that the Yoma tissue they receive during their training might have an influence on their physical appearance, including their hair color. The Yoma tissue is a big part of what makes them special, so it could be connected to their blonde hair.

Fans and experts of the Claymore series have also come up with their own theories about why all the Claymores have blonde hair. Some think that it might be a way to make them stand out and look different from regular people. Others believe that the blonde hair might be a symbol of their strength and power. These are just some of the ideas floating around, and the true reason might be a combination of these factors or something completely different.

IV. Conclusion

The Mystery Behind Why Claymores Are All Blonde

In conclusion, the mystery of why all Claymores are blonde seems to be closely tied to the process they undergo to become powerful warriors. Through the implantation of Yoma tissue, their physical appearance changes, giving them silver eyes and blonde hair. This transformation is a result of the intense training and infusion of Yoma energy, making them unique and easily recognizable.

While most Claymores conform to this appearance, there are exceptions like Clarice, who has a different hair color due to the partial acceptance of the Yoma transplant. This shows that there might be more to the process than meets the eye, and that there could be variations in the effects of the Yoma tissue on the trainees.

In the end, the true reason behind why all Claymores are blonde remains a mystery, but the series offers exciting possibilities and theories that keep fans intrigued and engaged.