Episode 9: There and Back Again

Defending Against the Goblins

During the intense battle, the goblins launch a ferocious attack on the party. They hurl themselves at Goblin Slayer and his companions, using crude weapons such as clubs and spears to try and overwhelm them. However, the party is well-prepared for the attack and fights back fiercely. High Elf Archer expertly shoots arrows into the goblin ranks, while Lizard Priest and Dwarf Shaman use their unique abilities to take down large numbers of goblins at once.

Meanwhile, Goblin Slayer himself fights with incredible skill and precision, dispatching goblins left and right with his signature sword and shield combo. He expertly dodges attacks and deflects blows, never faltering in his determination to protect his companions and complete the mission at hand. The battle is long and grueling, with both sides sustaining heavy losses, but ultimately the party emerges victorious.

After the goblin horde is defeated, Dwarf Shaman collapses the roof of the building they are in, causing it to collapse and crush the remaining goblins. The party then takes the mirror they were after and escapes, ready to face whatever challenges come their way in future adventures.

Entombing the Mirror

The decision to entomb the mirror is not taken lightly by the party, as they know that it holds immense power and could be dangerous in the wrong hands. As they make their way back to civilization, they discuss the best way to keep the mirror safe and out of reach of any goblin forces that might seek to use it against them.

After considering several options, they eventually decide to entomb the mirror in concrete, burying it deep beneath the ground where it can be protected from prying eyes and kept secure from any potential threats. The party works together to construct a makeshift tomb for the mirror, carefully placing it inside and sealing it shut with thick layers of concrete.

As they finish their work, the party reflects on the mission and what they have learned from it. They discuss the importance of being prepared for any situation, and the need to work together as a team to overcome adversity. For Goblin Slayer, the mission has been a reminder of the importance of his duty and the need to remain vigilant at all times, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

With the mirror safely entombed, the party sets out once again, ready to face whatever challenges come their way in the future. While their mission may be over, they know that there will always be new adventures waiting for them, and that they must always be ready to defend themselves against the forces of evil.

Confronting Sword Maiden

Goblin Slayer’s suspicion of Sword Maiden’s involvement in the events that sparked the goblin investigation is rooted in his sense of caution and his awareness that danger can come from unexpected places. He confronts her directly about his suspicions, and Sword Maiden is initially evasive, trying to avoid giving a clear answer.

However, when Goblin Slayer presses her further, Sword Maiden finally admits to her role in the situation. She explains that her traumatic past has left her with a deep-seated fear of goblins, and that she wanted to bring attention to the issue to help protect others from suffering the same fate as she did.

Goblin Slayer listens intently to her explanation, understanding the severity of her situation and the deep trauma that she has experienced. He reassures her that he will continue to kill goblins, even in her dreams, and that he is always willing to help her in any way he can.

Despite their different perspectives and experiences, Goblin Slayer and Sword Maiden come to a mutual understanding, with Goblin Slayer promising to be there for her whenever she needs him. As they part ways, it is clear that their bond has grown stronger through their shared experiences, and that they will continue to work together to protect those in need.

Sword Maiden’s Declaration

As their conversation continues, Sword Maiden’s deep admiration and affection for Goblin Slayer become apparent. She confesses her feelings to him, explaining that his bravery and unwavering dedication to his duty have earned her respect and admiration.

Although Goblin Slayer initially seems to miss the implication of her words, it is clear that he values Sword Maiden’s trust and respect. He promises to continue supporting her and helping her overcome her fears, even as he continues his own mission of protecting the world from the threat of goblins.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, the two continue to bond over their shared experiences and their mutual admiration for one another. While they may come from vastly different backgrounds and have different ways of dealing with trauma, their connection is rooted in a shared desire to protect others and make the world a safer place.

As they part ways, Sword Maiden is left with a renewed sense of hope and determination, knowing that she has the support of someone as brave and dedicated as Goblin Slayer. For his part, Goblin Slayer continues on his mission, knowing that he has made a powerful ally in Sword Maiden and that their shared experiences have brought them closer together.

Trying Ice Treats

As the party makes their way back home, the mood lightens and they begin to reflect on their recent adventure. Goblin Slayer, in particular, seems more relaxed than usual, and he surprises the rest of the group by expressing an interest in trying ice treats.

This simple desire is a reminder that even the most battle-hardened adventurers have a softer side, and that there is more to life than just fighting monsters and completing missions. The rest of the group is amused by Goblin Slayer’s sudden craving for something sweet, and they eagerly agree to try the ice treats with him.

As they journey home, the party discusses their recent experiences and reflects on the lessons they have learned. They talk about the importance of teamwork, preparation, and perseverance, and they acknowledge the risks and dangers that come with being an adventurer.

Despite the challenges they face, however, the party is united in their commitment to protecting others and making the world a safer place. As they arrive back at their home base, they are already looking forward to their next adventure, knowing that whatever challenges they face, they will face them together as a team.

The episode ends on a hopeful note, with the party eager to face whatever the future holds, and with the promise of new experiences and adventures waiting just around the corner.