The Protagonist of Claymore: Who is the MC?

In the anime and manga series Claymore, the main character, Clare, goes on a journey to seek revenge and find her place in the world. Clare’s backstory is filled with tragedy, and it shapes her into a strong and determined warrior. Throughout the series, Clare’s character grows and evolves, making her an important and compelling protagonist.


  1. Clare’s Early Life
  2. Clare’s Role as a Claymore
  3. Clare’s Personal Journey
  4. Conclusion

I. Clare’s Early Life

The Protagonist of Claymore: Who is the MC?

Clare had a tough start in life. When she was little, her parents were killed by a scary monster called a Yoma. This made Clare really sad and angry. She didn’t have anyone to take care of her, so she had to survive on her own. This sad event made her want to become strong and fight against the Yoma, so she wouldn’t have to see anyone else suffer like she did.

Clare’s life changed when she met a group of warriors called the Claymores. They were half-human, half-Yoma fighters who protected people from the Yoma. A kind Claymore named Teresa took Clare under her wing and taught her how to be a warrior. This was a turning point in Clare’s life, as she learned to fight and gained the strength she needed to take on the Yoma.

II. Clare’s Role as a Claymore

The Protagonist of Claymore: Who is the MC?

Clare becomes a Claymore, a half-human, half-demon warrior, after being saved by a Claymore named Teresa. As a Claymore, she is trained to hunt down and kill Yoma, the shape-shifting demons that terrorize the human world. The organization that creates and controls the Claymores, the “Organization,” also gives them strict rules to follow. Clare’s role as a Claymore is to protect humans from the Yoma and to maintain the delicate balance between the two worlds.

Clare’s training as a Claymore equips her with incredible strength, agility, and the ability to sense Yoma. She becomes known for her determination and unwavering sense of justice. Throughout the series, Clare’s experiences as a Claymore shape her into a formidable and respected warrior, as she battles not only the Yoma but also her own inner demons. Her journey as a Claymore is central to the story, as she confronts the challenges of her role and discovers her own purpose in the world.

III. Clare’s Personal Journey

The Protagonist of Claymore: Who is the MC?

After becoming a Claymore, Clare’s main goal is to avenge her family’s death by hunting down Yoma, the monsters responsible for her parents’ tragic fate. Throughout her journey, Clare faces many challenges, both physically and emotionally. She struggles with the trauma of her past and the burden of her revenge, which often leads to inner conflicts and doubts about her purpose.

As Clare encounters different people and experiences, she begins to grow and change. She learns to trust and rely on her fellow Claymores, forming strong bonds with them. Through these relationships, Clare discovers the importance of friendship and camaraderie, which help her find strength and purpose beyond her quest for vengeance. Her personal journey is not just about fighting monsters but also about finding her own identity and place in the world.

IV. Conclusion

In conclusion, Clare is the main character, or protagonist, of the anime and manga series Claymore. She is a strong and determined warrior with a tragic past. After losing her parents to a Yoma attack, Clare becomes a Claymore, a half-human, half-Yoma hybrid created to protect humans from Yoma monsters. Throughout the series, Clare goes on a journey of vengeance, self-discovery, and growth, making her an essential and compelling character in the story.

Clare’s determination and bravery make her a powerful force against the Yoma, and her internal struggles and relationships with other characters add depth to her character. As the protagonist, Clare’s development and personal journey are central to the plot, making her a crucial and captivating part of the Claymore series.