Teresa, also known as Teresa of the Faint Smile, is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. She is a prominent figure within the series, renowned for her unparalleled strength and the eponymous faint smile she often wears in battle. As a Claymore, a hybrid warrior with Yoma (demon) and human blood, Teresa stands out not only for her combat prowess but also for her unique personality and the deep relationships she forms throughout the narrative. Her character arc is central to the storyline, influencing the growth and development of other characters, particularly Clare, the series’ protagonist. Teresa’s legacy is defined by her extraordinary abilities, her distinctive appearance with silver eyes and pale blonde hair, and the impact she has on the world of “Claymore.” This page will delve into Teresa’s background, exploring the origins of her character, her personality traits, her physical attributes, the extent of her abilities, her connections with other characters, and her pivotal role in the story, along with interesting trivia about her presence in the series.



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Before her time as a Claymore, Teresa was a human child who was subjected to a traumatic event that led her to become a Claymore. This tragic past shaped her detached and solitary personality, as she distanced herself from others to avoid forming emotional attachments. Despite her cold exterior, Teresa’s actions throughout the series reveal a more compassionate side, especially following her encounter with a young girl named Clare, who later becomes the protagonist of the series.

Teresa’s fate took a dramatic turn after she killed human bandits in defense of Clare, breaking the organization’s cardinal rule against harming humans. This act led to her being hunted by her fellow Claymores and ultimately set the stage for her pivotal role in the story, influencing the events that followed and the lives of other characters, particularly Clare, who was deeply affected by Teresa’s life and choices.



Her demeanor is typically serene and composed, showcasing a level of confidence and control that is befitting of her status as one of the most powerful warriors within the Claymore universe. Teresa is not easily provoked, but when she is, her responses are measured and precise, demonstrating her ability to maintain her composure even in the face of adversity.

Initially, Teresa is seen as indifferent to the plight of humans, adhering strictly to the rules set by the organization that governs the Claymores. However, her time with Clare awakens a more empathetic and defiant side of her personality, leading her to question her role and the motives of the organization.

Teresa’s interactions with other characters often reveal her sharp wit and a dry sense of humor. She is not one for lengthy conversations or social niceties, preferring to keep to herself unless interaction is necessary. Her intelligence and keen insight into others’ behaviors and motivations often give her an advantage in both combat and personal dealings.

Despite her reputation as the strongest warrior, Teresa does not display arrogance or a desire for power. Instead, she seeks peace and quiet, avoiding unnecessary conflict whenever possible. Her preference for a simple, unencumbered life is a strong aspect of her character, contrasting sharply with the brutal world in which she exists.



She is most frequently seen in the standard Claymore uniform, which consists of a silver breastplate, faulds, and shoulder guards over a white bodysuit with dark boots and gloves. The uniform is both a symbol of her status as a warrior and a practical outfit for the battles she faces against the Yoma. On her lower body, she wears a skirt that is part of the Claymore armor design, which allows for ease of movement.

Teresa’s facial features are soft and serene, often displaying a calm and composed demeanor that belies her fearsome abilities as a warrior. Her beauty is noted by many within the series, and her gentle smile is a rare sight that contrasts sharply with the grim nature of her duties. Despite the harsh life she leads, her appearance is meticulously maintained, which only adds to her enigmatic allure and the sense of grace she carries with her.



Her physical prowess is equally impressive, as Teresa possesses immense strength, speed, and agility that far surpass those of a typical Claymore. This is evident in her ability to effortlessly dispatch Yoma and Awakened Beings with minimal effort. Her swordsmanship is unmatched, and she wields her claymore with such precision and grace that she can defeat enemies without causing unnecessary destruction or collateral damage.

Teresa’s yoki control is also a testament to her abilities. She has the unique talent to release just 10% of her yoki, yet this small amount is enough to overpower any other Claymore. This control also allows her to fight for extended periods without tiring, as she does not expend energy on unnecessary displays of power.

Another significant aspect of Teresa’s abilities is her mental fortitude. She is able to remain calm and composed in battle, which, when combined with her other skills, makes her nearly invincible. Her strategic mind and battle awareness mean she can adapt to almost any situation and turn the tide of combat in her favor.

Furthermore, Teresa’s aura is so strong that it can intimidate other Claymores and even Yoma, often causing them to hesitate or flee rather than face her in battle. Her presence alone can be a powerful weapon, affecting the morale and will of her adversaries.

Overall, Teresa’s abilities are a combination of physical might, sensory perception, and mental acuity, making her one of the most powerful characters in the Claymore series and earning her the title of the number one warrior of her generation.



**Clare:** Perhaps the most profound relationship Teresa had was with Clare. Initially, Teresa saw Clare as a mere nuisance, a young girl who followed her around after Teresa had killed a Yoma in Clare’s town. However, as time passed, Teresa grew fond of Clare and eventually broke the Claymore taboo of killing humans to protect her. Clare’s influence softened Teresa’s outlook, and she came to love Clare as a surrogate daughter. After Teresa’s death, Clare chose to carry on her will, even going as far as having Teresa’s flesh implanted into her to become a Claymore herself.

**Other Claymores:** Teresa was distant and aloof from her fellow Claymores. She was known to be the strongest and was respected as well as feared by others. Her strength and rank as the No. 1 Claymore meant that she had little interaction with her peers, except in situations that required her to exert her authority or display her power.

**The Organization:** Teresa’s relationship with the Organization was one of mutual benefit but also underlying tension. While she worked for them as a top-ranked warrior, she harbored a dislike for their methods and the way they treated Claymores as disposable tools. Her eventual rebellion against the Organization by killing humans who threatened Clare marked a significant turning point in the series and led to her being hunted down by other Claymores.

**Priscilla:** Teresa’s relationship with Priscilla was initially that of a senior warrior to a promising junior. However, this dynamic drastically changed when Priscilla, driven by her hatred and a desperate need to prove herself, awakened during their battle and ultimately killed Teresa. The event was traumatic and had lasting effects on the storyline, as it set the stage for Clare’s quest for vengeance against Priscilla.

**Rosemary:** As the former No. 1 before Teresa, Rosemary held a grudge against Teresa for taking her place. When Rosemary became an Awakened Being, she sought revenge but was defeated by Teresa, showcasing the vast gap in their abilities.

Teresa’s relationships were complex and often fraught with tension, but her bond with Clare was a central theme that influenced her actions and the narrative of the series. Her interactions with others helped to define her character as a solitary warrior with a hidden capacity for compassion and attachment.

Role in the Story


Teresa was one of the most powerful Claymores of her time, ranking as No. 1 due to her unparalleled Yoki (demonic energy) sensing abilities and combat skills. Initially, Teresa appears as a cold and detached warrior, solely focused on her duties to slay Yoma, which are monsters that feed on humans.

Her story takes a significant turn when she meets a young girl named Clare. After Clare follows Teresa and continuously tries to engage with her, Teresa’s initially dismissive demeanor softens, and she begins to show compassion and care, which is unusual for a Claymore. This relationship is the catalyst for Teresa’s development as a character, as she eventually breaks the organization’s cardinal rule by killing humans to protect Clare, leading to her being marked for death by the organization that created her.

Teresa’s actions set off a chain of events that lead to a confrontation with a group of Claymores sent to execute her. Despite being outnumbered, Teresa easily defeats her would-be executioners, showcasing her incredible abilities. However, she meets her end at the hands of Priscilla, a young and unstable Claymore who awakens into a powerful Yoma during their battle. Teresa’s death deeply impacts Clare, who decides to become a Claymore herself to avenge Teresa’s death.

Teresa’s legacy continues to influence the series long after her death. Clare carries Teresa’s flesh and blood within her, which grants her a fraction of Teresa’s immense power and forms the basis of Clare’s motivations and growth as a character. Teresa’s presence is felt throughout the series, as Clare’s journey is driven by the desire to uphold Teresa’s values and fulfill the bond they shared. Teresa’s story and her relationship with Clare provide depth to the series’ exploration of humanity, monstrosity, and the blurred lines between the two.


  • Teresa is often referred to as “Teresa of the Faint Smile” due to her tendency to smile just before defeating her opponents.
  • Despite her immense power, Teresa never awakened into a full Yoma, which is a unique trait among the Claymore characters.
  • She is the only Claymore known to have taken the No. 1 position immediately after completing her training.
  • Teresa’s character design, with her flowing blonde hair and calm demeanor, is a fan favorite and has been praised for its distinctiveness among the other warriors.
  • In the original Japanese manga, Teresa’s name is spelled “Teresa,” while in some English translations, it is spelled “Theresa.”
  • Teresa’s bond with the young Clare is a central element of the series, influencing many of the events that unfold throughout the story.
  • In official merchandise and promotional material, Teresa is often depicted with her trademark faint smile, reinforcing her epithet within the series.
  • The creator of Claymore, Norihiro Yagi, has mentioned in interviews that Teresa is one of the strongest characters he has ever created.
  • Some fans have theorized that Teresa’s compassionate nature and reluctance to kill humans may be a subtle nod to the historical figure Mother Teresa, known for her humanitarian work.
  • Teresa’s sword technique and fighting style are considered by many fans to be among the most elegantly depicted in both the manga and anime adaptations.

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