Episode 3: Unexpected Visitors

Trio requests Goblin Slayer

In the beginning of episode 3, High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest approach Guild Girl and ask for an adventurer named Orcbolg and Beardcutter in their respective races’ language. The Guild Girl is initially confused and asks for more information about the requested adventurer, to which High Elf Archer explains that the adventurer they are looking for is an expert in goblin slaying.

They further describe Orcbolg as someone who wears armor made of leather and metal plates, carries a sword and shield, and is known to be a formidable fighter when it comes to dealing with goblins. The trio’s description is unmistakable and it is revealed that the adventurer they are seeking is none other than Goblin Slayer, who has become quite famous among the adventurers’ community due to his proficiency in goblin slaying.

This scene is crucial in establishing the trio’s motivations for seeking Goblin Slayer’s help, as they believe that he is the best person to aid them in their quest to defeat the goblins in the elven lands. It also highlights Goblin Slayer’s reputation as an expert in goblin slaying, which sets the stage for the rest of the episode’s events.

Goblin Slayer talks with trio, Priestess defended by Witch

After Guild Girl directs High Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest to Goblin Slayer, they approach him and introduce themselves. The trio requests Goblin Slayer’s help in defeating the goblins in the elven lands, which prompts Goblin Slayer to ask why they have come to him specifically.

As they discuss the quest, some rookie adventurers approach Priestess and try to convince her to leave Goblin Slayer, stating that he is only using her as bait for the goblins. However, Witch, an acquaintance of Goblin Slayer, steps in and defends Priestess, telling the rookies to leave them alone.

This scene is significant in showing the dynamic between the characters and how their relationships with each other develop. It highlights Priestess’ vulnerability as a new adventurer and how Goblin Slayer is protective of her, which is a recurring theme throughout the series. It also shows Witch’s loyalty to Goblin Slayer, despite his gruff exterior and reputation as a loner.

Additionally, this scene sets up the conflict between Goblin Slayer and High Elf Archer, who takes offense to Goblin Slayer’s initial refusal to help them with the quest. The tension between the two characters is a major plot point in the episode, and their differing attitudes towards goblins and other races serve as a commentary on the theme of prejudice and discrimination in the series.

High Elf Archer proposes quest to Goblin Slayer

After the confrontation with the rookie adventurers, High Elf Archer explains to Goblin Slayer that their races have united with the human kingdoms to fight against the Demon King’s army, which is threatening to invade their lands. She goes on to say that the goblins in the elven lands are allied with the demons, and defeating them will help to weaken the demons’ forces and prevent their invasion.

Initially, Goblin Slayer is uninterested in the quest, stating that demons are not his concern and that he only cares about killing goblins. This causes High Elf Archer to become angry and frustrated, as she believes that Goblin Slayer’s narrow-mindedness is hindering their mission to save their lands.

However, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest step in and mention ruins in the elven lands that are occupied by goblins. They explain that the ruins are significant because they were once a sacred site for the elves, and if they fall into the hands of the goblins, it would be a significant loss for the elven people.

This information convinces Goblin Slayer to join their quest, as he sees the value in protecting the ruins and preventing them from falling into the hands of the goblins. The scene highlights Goblin Slayer’s pragmatism and his ability to prioritize his goals, even in the face of conflicting interests.

Overall, the scene sets up the quest that the group will embark on, and establishes the tensions and conflicts between the characters as they work towards a common goal.

Dwarf and Lizard mention ruins to convince Goblin Slayer

When High Elf Archer fails to convince Goblin Slayer to join their quest, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest step in and provide additional information about the goblin threat in the elven lands. They explain that the goblins have taken over ancient ruins that were once a sacred site for the elves, and that the ruins are now being used as a stronghold for the goblins.

The ruins are significant to the elves because they contain artifacts and relics that are of great value to their culture and history. If the goblins are allowed to continue occupying the ruins, they could cause irreparable damage to the elven heritage and traditions.

Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest explain that they need someone like Goblin Slayer, who has a reputation for being an expert in goblin slaying, to help them defeat the goblins and reclaim the ruins. This argument convinces Goblin Slayer to join their quest, as he realizes that there is a strategic advantage in taking the ruins back from the goblins.

The scene highlights the importance of cultural heritage and the value of historical artifacts, as well as the strategic importance of defeating the goblins. It also emphasizes the expertise and reputation that Goblin Slayer has earned in goblin slaying, making him a valuable asset to the group.

Priestess joins quest after confronting Goblin Slayer

After the trio and Goblin Slayer discuss the quest, Priestess confronts Goblin Slayer about not asking her if she wanted to join the mission. She expresses her desire to help in the quest and feels left out of the decision-making process.

This confrontation highlights the relationship between Goblin Slayer and Priestess and how it has developed over time. Throughout the series, Priestess has looked up to Goblin Slayer as a mentor figure and has grown to respect and trust him. However, this scene shows that she also desires agency and wants to be included in the decision-making process.

After Priestess confronts him, Goblin Slayer accepts her offer to join the quest. This decision demonstrates the trust and respect that Goblin Slayer has for Priestess, as he sees her as a valuable asset to the group.

The scene also highlights the importance of communication and how misunderstandings can occur even among close friends. It emphasizes the need for open and honest communication, especially when it comes to making important decisions that can affect the entire group.

Overall, Priestess joining the quest adds another layer of complexity to the group dynamics and sets up new conflicts and challenges for the group to face.

Group camps and discusses goblins

After the group sets out on their quest to reclaim the ruins from the goblins, they make camp and take a moment to rest and enjoy their races’ food. As they eat, the conversation turns to the topic of goblins, their origins, and their behavior.

During the discussion, High Elf Archer becomes increasingly frustrated with Goblin Slayer’s attitude towards goblins, accusing him of being narrow-minded and failing to understand the bigger picture. This leads to a heated argument between the two, as High Elf Archer defends her point of view while Goblin Slayer remains steadfast in his belief that goblins are nothing but monsters that must be killed.

Meanwhile, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest share their own insights and knowledge about goblins, including their breeding habits, social structure, and tactics in battle. This information provides a deeper understanding of the goblin threat and the challenges that the group will face in their mission to reclaim the ruins.

The scene highlights the different perspectives and attitudes towards goblins that exist within the group. It also sets up the theme of prejudice and discrimination that runs throughout the series, as the characters’ attitudes towards goblins reflect their own biases and beliefs.

Overall, the campfire scene provides a moment of respite and reflection for the group, while also setting up the conflicts and challenges that they will face in the upcoming battles with the goblins.

High Elf Archer kills sentries and group enters ruins

After the heated argument between High Elf Archer and Goblin Slayer, the group sets out to reclaim the ruins from the goblins. As they approach the ruins, High Elf Archer takes the lead and stealthily kills the sentries guarding the entrance.

With the sentries out of the way, the group enters the ruins and begins their search for the goblin stronghold. Along the way, they encounter several traps and obstacles, including a pitfall trap that Priestess nearly falls into.

As they navigate through the ruins, the group encounters various groups of goblins and engages in battles with them. During the battles, the group demonstrates their individual strengths and skills, with Goblin Slayer using his experience in goblin slaying to take down the goblins with precision and efficiency.

Eventually, the group reaches the heart of the ruins and confronts the goblin leader. In a fierce battle, the group manages to defeat the goblin leader and reclaim the ruins.

The scene highlights the group’s skills and strengths in battle, as well as the importance of strategy and teamwork in defeating the goblin threat. It also demonstrates the high stakes of the quest, as the group faces dangerous traps and battles in their mission to reclaim the ruins.

Overall, the scene provides a satisfying conclusion to the group’s quest and sets up new challenges and adventures for the characters in future episodes.