Episode 4: The Strong

No Totems Inside

In the world of Goblin Slayer, goblins are known to be led by shamans who use totems to control and coordinate their attacks. These totems are often found in their lairs and can vary in size and shape.

In episode 4, Goblin Slayer’s group enters the ruins to clear out the goblins but notices that there are no totems inside. Goblin Slayer quickly realizes that this means that these goblins are not being led by a shaman and are more likely to be disorganized and easier to defeat. Without a shaman to guide them, the goblins may be less efficient in their attacks and possibly more vulnerable to surprise attacks or traps.

This information is important for Goblin Slayer’s strategy as it allows him to anticipate the goblins’ behavior and adjust his tactics accordingly. This demonstrates how Goblin Slayer is not only skilled in combat, but also knowledgeable in goblin behavior and tactics. His experience and expertise in dealing with goblins often give him an advantage over his opponents, making him a formidable adventurer.

Saving an Elven Prisoner

As Goblin Slayer’s group moves deeper into the ruins, they come across an elven prisoner who had been captured and tortured by the goblins. The prisoner is badly injured and on the brink of death. Upon seeing the prisoner’s condition, the High Elf Archer becomes enraged and wants to seek revenge on the goblins for their cruel treatment of her kin.

Goblin Slayer, however, remains focused on his mission to clear out the goblins and suggests that they free the prisoner and move on. However, the High Elf Archer is adamant about saving the prisoner and insists that they must do something to help. She reminds Goblin Slayer that they are adventurers, and their job is not just to defeat monsters but also to help those in need.

Goblin Slayer eventually agrees to help, and they free the prisoner from her bonds. He quickly attends to her wounds and provides her with a healing potion to stabilize her condition. This act of compassion and kindness demonstrates that Goblin Slayer is not just a ruthless warrior but also a compassionate person who values human life.

The High Elf Archer’s desire for revenge also shows the impact that the goblins have had on her and her kin, as well as the emotional toll that the job of an adventurer can have on those who undertake it. This scene highlights the complexity of the characters in the show and adds depth to their motivations and actions.

Finding the Goblin Hall

As Goblin Slayer’s group continues their search for the goblins, they come across a hall where all of the goblins are resting. This is a significant discovery as it means that they have found the goblins’ main base of operations within the ruins. The hall is filled with goblin beds, weapons, and various supplies, indicating that this is where the goblins spend most of their time.

Goblin Slayer’s group decides to take advantage of the goblins’ vulnerable state and use sleeping and silence spells to eliminate them quietly. This decision shows Goblin Slayer’s tactical thinking and experience in dealing with goblins, as he knows that goblins are not very intelligent creatures and can easily be caught off guard.

The scene that follows is a tense and action-packed sequence as Goblin Slayer’s group silently takes out each goblin one by one without alerting the others. This scene highlights the group’s coordination and precision, as they work together seamlessly to eliminate the goblins.

However, their success is short-lived as their silence spells inadvertently alert the goblin leader, an Ogre who is a servant of the Demon Lord. This sets up the final confrontation of the episode and demonstrates how even the most carefully planned strategies can have unexpected consequences.

Overall, the discovery of the goblin hall and the subsequent stealth mission showcase the group’s skills as adventurers and highlight their ability to adapt to different situations.

Ogre Attack

As Goblin Slayer’s group makes their way through the goblin hall, their silence spells alert the goblin leader, an Ogre. The Ogre, being a servant of the Demon Lord, is much more powerful than the goblins the group has been fighting up until this point.

The Ogre attacks the group using his brute strength and fire magic, which proves to be a formidable challenge for the group. Despite their best efforts, the group is unable to defeat the Ogre as it is able to heal its wounds quickly due to its regenerative abilities.

This scene highlights the group’s limitations and how they are not invincible, even with their experience and skill in battle. It also demonstrates the importance of understanding an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and adapting tactics accordingly.

Goblin Slayer realizes that the group is at its limit and decides to use his trump card – a magic teleportation scroll given to him by the Witch. The scroll creates strong jets of water from the bottom of the ocean, which seriously damages the Ogre before Goblin Slayer delivers the killing blow.

The use of the teleportation scroll not only showcases the ingenuity of Goblin Slayer, but it also demonstrates how important it is to have a variety of resources and strategies when facing powerful opponents. This scene also highlights how the group must rely on each other’s strengths and abilities to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

Overall, the Ogre attack scene adds tension and drama to the episode, and it reinforces the idea that even the most skilled and experienced adventurers can face overwhelming obstacles that require creative solutions.

Trump Card

In the context of the episode, Goblin Slayer’s trump card refers to a magic teleportation scroll given to him by the Witch. The scroll creates strong jets of water from the bottom of the ocean, which are powerful enough to seriously damage the Ogre, who was otherwise invulnerable to the group’s attacks.

The use of the teleportation scroll demonstrates Goblin Slayer’s resourcefulness and strategic thinking. He knew that the Ogre was too strong to defeat conventionally, so he used an unconventional method to defeat it. This shows that Goblin Slayer is not only skilled in combat but also has a vast knowledge of different types of magic and how to use them to his advantage.

Additionally, the use of the teleportation scroll emphasizes the importance of having a variety of tools and strategies when facing powerful opponents. It also highlights the importance of teamwork and cooperation in achieving success, as the group must work together to create an opening for Goblin Slayer to use the scroll.

Overall, the use of the teleportation scroll as Goblin Slayer’s trump card adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the episode. It also reinforces the idea that being an adventurer is not just about strength and skill, but also about creativity and adaptability in the face of challenges.

Elvish Reinforcements

As Goblin Slayer’s group heads back to the city to rest after defeating the Ogre, they are met with Elvish reinforcements who have come to take over the ruins. The arrival of the Elvish reinforcements not only shows the interconnectedness of the different races in the world of Goblin Slayer but also demonstrates how the different races can work together towards a common goal.

The arrival of the Elvish reinforcements also highlights the severity of the goblin threat in the world. It shows that the goblins are not just a minor nuisance but a serious problem that requires the cooperation of different races to overcome. This scene reinforces the idea that being an adventurer is not just about personal gain but also about protecting the safety and well-being of the people and communities around them.

Furthermore, the scene also shows the impact that Goblin Slayer’s actions have on those around him. His success in defeating the goblins and the Ogre has led to the liberation of the ruins, which can now be reclaimed by the Elvish people. This reinforces the idea that the actions of adventurers can have a significant impact on the world around them.

Finally, the scene where High Elf Archer decides to take Goblin Slayer on a proper adventure highlights the bond that the group has formed through their experiences. Despite their differences and the challenges they have faced, the group has grown to respect and rely on each other. This highlights the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in the world of Goblin Slayer and reinforces the idea that the relationships between adventurers are just as important as their individual skills and abilities.