Rigaldo, also known as “Silver-eyed Lion King,” is a prominent antagonist in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. As one of the most powerful Awakened Beings, Rigaldo holds a significant place within the hierarchy of the malevolent creatures that plague the land. Once a human, he succumbed to his Yoma powers, which transformed him into an entity of immense strength and ferocity. Throughout the series, Rigaldo’s character is explored through various facets, including his background, which sheds light on his transformation and rise to power, his distinct personality marked by his pride and warrior ethos, and his appearance, which is characterized by his striking silver eyes and lion-like features.Rigaldo’s abilities are a testament to his reputation as a formidable adversary to the Claymore warriors, the female hybrids who battle Yoma. His relationships with other characters in the series, be they allies or foes, help to define his role within the story’s complex narrative. His encounters with the series’ protagonists are particularly pivotal, influencing the direction of the plot and the development of other characters. Additionally, Rigaldo’s presence in “Claymore” is punctuated by various trivia and interesting details that contribute to the richness of the series’ lore and the depth of his character. This page aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Rigaldo’s character within the “Claymore” series.



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Rigaldo, also known as “Silver-eyed Lion King,” is a character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. He is a powerful and high-ranking Awakened Being who was once a human and a Claymore, a male warrior created by the organization to fight Yoma, shape-shifting creatures that feed on humans. Rigaldo became one of the most feared Awakened Beings due to his immense strength and agility.

Before his awakening, Rigaldo was one of the male Claymores, who, like the female warriors, possessed Yoma powers to combat the very monsters they risked becoming. However, the male Claymores were eventually deemed too dangerous and unstable, leading to their systematic eradication by the organization. Rigaldo managed to survive this purge by awakening, a process where a Claymore succumbs to their Yoma side, gaining tremendous power at the cost of their humanity.

After his awakening, Rigaldo aligned himself with the Abyssal Ones, the strongest class of Awakened Beings, and served under Isley of the North, one of the three Abyssal Ones, as his second-in-command. He operated in the northern regions of the continent, where he was both respected and feared for his combat prowess and his role in the hierarchy of Awakened Beings. Rigaldo’s past as a Claymore and his journey to becoming an Awakened Being were marked by his struggle with his humanity and the monstrous nature of his power.



Rigaldo, known as the “Silver-eyed Lion King,” is a character who exudes confidence and an air of superiority, befitting his position as one of the strongest Awakened Beings in the Claymore universe. He is calm, collected, and possesses a certain elegance in his demeanor, often showing a level of respect towards his opponents. Despite his confidence, he is not overly arrogant and acknowledges the strength of others, particularly when they prove to be a challenge.

Rigaldo is also shown to be quite intelligent and tactical, analyzing situations and adapting his combat style as necessary. His predatory nature as an Awakened Being is evident in his fighting style and his enjoyment of battle, often savoring the thrill of a strong adversary. He does not underestimate his enemies and is cautious not to let his guard down, which is a testament to his experience and skill as a warrior.

However, underneath his composed exterior lies a fierce warrior driven by a desire for power and the heat of battle. He takes great pride in his abilities and his status among the Awakened Beings. Rigaldo’s personality is a blend of a noble warrior’s poise and the ferocity of a lion, which makes him a formidable and memorable character in the series.


Rigaldo, also known as “Silver-Eyed Lion King,” is a formidable antagonist in the “Claymore” anime and manga series, notable for his striking and fearsome appearance. His most distinguishing feature is his piercing silver eyes, which give him a predatory and intimidating presence. They also serve as the basis for his epithet and signify his high rank among the Awakened Beings.

He possesses a mane of wild, flowing hair that resembles a lion’s mane, which further emphasizes his moniker and adds to his beastly aura. The color of his hair is a light shade, often depicted as silver or white, complementing his eyes and providing a stark contrast to his often dark and menacing demeanor.

Rigaldo’s physique is tall and muscular, indicative of his great strength and agility. His body is adorned with the typical Awakened Being exoskeletal plates that provide him with additional protection and are a testament to his combat experience and prowess.

In his Awakened form, Rigaldo undergoes a dramatic transformation that enhances his already fearsome appearance. His body becomes even more lion-like, with pronounced claws and feral features that make him resemble a humanoid lion. This form further amplifies his predatory nature and makes him a truly terrifying opponent on the battlefield.

Overall, Rigaldo’s appearance is designed to both intimidate and impress, reflecting his status as a powerful and respected warrior within the world of “Claymore.”



Rigaldo, known as “Silver-eyed Lion King,” is one of the formidable Awakened Beings in the Claymore universe. As a former No. 2 of the male generation of Claymores, Rigaldo possesses exceptional strength and agility that far surpasses that of most other warriors. His speed is so great that he can effortlessly move faster than the eye can see, enabling him to strike down multiple opponents before they can even react.

His primary ability lies in his agility and the raw power of his limbs, which he can use to unleash devastating slashes capable of cutting through nearly anything. Rigaldo’s skill with his claws is such that he can easily decimate a group of Claymores with swift, precise movements.

In addition to his physical prowess, Rigaldo has heightened senses that allow him to detect movements and attacks that would otherwise be imperceptible. This sensory acuity, combined with his speed, makes him a deadly predator on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Rigaldo has the ability to partially awaken his body, which grants him even more power and a more beast-like form while still retaining his consciousness. This partial transformation enhances his already formidable abilities, making him an even more challenging opponent.

His combat experience is extensive, and he demonstrates a high level of tactical acumen when engaging his enemies. Rigaldo’s proficiency in battle is a testament to his years of experience and the innate power that comes with being a high-ranking Awakened Being.



Rigaldo, also known as “Silver-eyed Lion King,” is a formidable antagonist in the anime and manga series “Claymore.” As a high-ranking Awakened Being and one of the Abyssal Ones serving under Isley of the North, Rigaldo has complex interactions with various characters in the series.

Rigaldo’s primary relationship is with Isley, his leader and comrade. He shows unwavering loyalty to Isley and takes his orders without question, valuing the structure and purpose that Isley’s leadership provides. Their relationship is built on mutual respect and a shared vision for the future of their kind.

Despite his fierce and battle-hungry nature, Rigaldo doesn’t seem to form deep personal bonds with other Awakened Beings or Claymores. His interactions are mostly driven by his role as a warrior and his desire to test his strength against worthy opponents.

Rigaldo’s encounter with the Claymores, particularly the seven warriors of the Northern Campaign, is marked by his thirst for battle and his underestimation of their abilities. He sees them as prey or as a means to an end, rather than as individuals with whom to form any sort of relationship.

His most significant interaction among the Claymores is with Clare, the protagonist of the series. Clare seeks vengeance against Rigaldo for the deaths of her comrades during the Northern Campaign. Their relationship is defined by conflict and Clare’s determination to defeat him, which ultimately leads to a climactic battle showcasing the extent of their abilities.

Rigaldo’s character is not deeply explored in terms of personal relationships outside the context of battle and hierarchy within the Awakened Beings’ society. His role is more focused on his impact as a powerful adversary and the challenges he presents to the protagonists of the story.

Role in the Story

Rigaldo, known as “Silver-eyed Lion King,” serves as a major antagonist during the Northern Campaign arc in the Claymore anime and manga series. As one of the organization’s most powerful Awakened Beings, he is a formidable force that the Claymore warriors must confront.

Rigaldo is initially introduced as a member of the malevolent group of Awakened Beings led by Isley of the North. During the battle of Pieta, he plays a pivotal role by launching a surprise attack on the Claymores who are already engaged in a fierce fight against other Awakened Beings. His sudden entry into the battlefield and immense strength quickly turn the tide of the battle, causing chaos and despair among the ranks of the Claymore warriors.

His presence on the battlefield is marked by a series of brutal confrontations with various Claymores, showcasing his overwhelming power and combat prowess. Rigaldo’s actions lead to significant casualties among the warriors, highlighting the gap in strength between even the most skilled Claymores and the upper echelons of Awakened Beings.

One of the most significant moments involving Rigaldo is his battle with Clare, the series’ protagonist. Clare, who is initially outmatched by Rigaldo’s superior abilities, manages to tap into her latent powers and eventually defeats him in a climactic struggle. This fight serves as a key development for Clare’s character, as it pushes her to the brink and forces her to surpass her limits.

Rigaldo’s defeat marks a turning point in the Northern Campaign, symbolizing the potential for Claymores to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. His role in the story not only serves to elevate the threat posed by Awakened Beings but also acts as a catalyst for the growth and evolution of the series’ main characters.


  • Rigaldo is known as “Silver-eyed Lion King,” which reflects his feline-like appearance and his regal, commanding presence.
  • In the original Japanese version, Rigaldo’s name is spelled “Rigardo,” but it is often localized as “Rigaldo” in English translations.
  • Despite being a major antagonist, Rigaldo’s screen time is relatively short, but his impact on the story and the characters is significant.
  • Rigaldo’s battle with Clare is one of the most memorable and defining moments in the series, showcasing the power and determination of both characters.
  • The character’s design, with his flowing mane and lion-like features, makes him stand out among other Awakened Beings in the series.
  • His voice actor in the anime adaptation is Hiroaki Hirata, who is also known for voicing Sanji in “One Piece” and Klein in “Sword Art Online.”
  • Rigaldo’s death is a pivotal moment in the series, leading to significant developments in Clare’s abilities and the overall plot.
  • The character has a dedicated fan base, and his figure is popular among collectors of “Claymore” merchandise.
  • Rigaldo’s swift and brutal fighting style is reminiscent of the predatory nature of a lion, reinforcing his epithet throughout his appearances.
  • Although he is an antagonist, some fans sympathize with Rigaldo due to his complex personality and the tragic nature of Awakened Beings in the “Claymore” universe.

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