Jean is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid shape-shifters known as Yoma, who feed on humans. To combat this threat, an organization creates half-human, half-Yoma warriors called “Claymores,” named after the large swords they wield. These female warriors possess heightened abilities to battle the Yoma but are shunned by society due to their inhuman powers.Jean holds the rank of Number 9 among the Claymores, indicating her formidable combat skills and strength. She is known for her unwavering sense of duty, loyalty, and a unique ability that sets her apart from her fellow warriors. Jean’s character evolves throughout the series, showcasing her interactions with other characters and her significant role in the unfolding events of the story. Her stoic demeanor, distinctive appearance, and the complex relationships she forms with other Claymores contribute to her status as a memorable character within the “Claymore” universe. This page delves into Jean’s background, her personality traits, her physical attributes, her abilities as a Claymore, her relationships with other characters, and her contributions to the overarching narrative of the series. Additionally, it includes trivia and interesting facts about Jean, offering a comprehensive look at one of the series’ key figures.



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Jean is a character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid shape-shifters known as Yoma, who feed on humans. The only ones capable of defeating them are the Claymores, female warriors who are half-human, half-Yoma. Jean holds the rank of Number 9 among the Claymores, a testament to her strength and combat abilities.

Jean’s background is marked by her unwavering sense of duty and loyalty, which is a defining trait of her character throughout the series. Her life before becoming a Claymore is not extensively detailed, as is the case with many of the warriors in the series. Like her fellow Claymores, Jean underwent a painful and dangerous process to gain the abilities needed to fight Yoma, which involved the fusion of Yoma flesh with her own.

Jean’s defining moment comes during the Northern Campaign, where she is critically wounded and captured by the malevolent organization known as the Organization. There, she is subjected to experiments that almost lead her to become an Awakened Being—a Claymore who has lost their humanity and succumbed to their Yoma side. Jean is eventually rescued by Clare, the series’ protagonist, which deeply affects her and leads to a strong sense of gratitude and loyalty towards Clare.

This experience, along with her interactions with other characters, shapes Jean’s role in the series and contributes to her development as a character who values camaraderie and self-sacrifice. Her background, although not extensively explored, is crucial in understanding her motivations and the decisions she makes throughout the story.



Jean is depicted as a stoic and disciplined warrior, often maintaining a calm and focused demeanor. She is highly dedicated to her duties as a Claymore, a hybrid warrior with Yoma (demon) powers, and approaches her responsibilities with a sense of seriousness and integrity. Jean is also known for her unwavering loyalty, particularly to those she considers comrades or those who have earned her respect through their actions.

Despite her initial impression as reserved and possibly detached, Jean possesses a strong sense of camaraderie and is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her fellow warriors. This selflessness is a defining trait of her personality, reflecting her deep sense of honor and duty. She is not one to express her emotions openly, but her actions consistently reveal her caring nature and the value she places on the bonds she forms with others.

Jean’s interactions with the protagonist, Clare, and other characters show her capacity for growth and adaptation. Over time, she becomes more open and expressive, allowing her to form deeper connections with those around her. Her ability to maintain her composure under pressure and make rational decisions even in the heat of battle speaks to her strong will and mental fortitude. Jean’s personality is a blend of her disciplined warrior ethos, her compassionate heart, and her steadfast loyalty, making her a respected and beloved character within the Claymore series.


Jean is depicted as a tall, slender warrior with long, straight black hair that falls past her waist. She possesses piercing, light-colored eyes, which are characteristic of Claymore warriors, also known as Silver Eyed Witches. Like all Claymores, she dons the standard uniform, which consists of a silver breastplate, faulds, and boots, all of which are adorned with the symbol of the organization she belongs to. Her attire is completed with a pair of gauntlets and a longsword she carries on her back. Jean’s most distinguishing feature is the number “9” that is emblazoned on her uniform, indicating her rank within the organization. Her physical presence is both imposing and graceful, reflecting her strength and combat prowess.



Jean, known for her unwavering loyalty and the number 9 rank within the organization of Claymores, possesses several distinct abilities that set her apart from her fellow warriors. Her most notable skill is the “Drill Sword” technique, which involves rapidly spinning her arm to create a drill-like effect with her sword. This unique ability allows her to pierce through the tough hides of Yoma and Awakened Beings with remarkable ease, making her one of the few warriors capable of inflicting serious damage on such formidable adversaries.

In addition to her signature move, Jean has a high level of Yoki control, which enables her to suppress her demonic energy to a great extent, preventing her from succumbing to the typical pitfalls of overusing her Yoki. This control also contributes to her ability to execute the Drill Sword technique with precision and without losing her human consciousness.

Furthermore, Jean’s physical strength and agility are on par with the top-ranked Claymores, and her combat skills are exceptional. She has a high level of endurance, which allows her to engage in prolonged battles without showing signs of fatigue, a trait that proves invaluable during the intense and often drawn-out conflicts with the series’ various antagonists.

Jean’s resilience is also evident in her ability to recover from injuries that would typically be fatal to other warriors. This is showcased when she manages to survive and eventually fully recover from a near-fatal wound, thanks to her sheer willpower and the assistance of her comrades.

Lastly, her tactical acumen in battle cannot be overlooked. Jean is capable of analyzing situations quickly and making strategic decisions that benefit not only herself but her allies as well. Her leadership skills and sense of camaraderie are instrumental in several key moments throughout the series, where she coordinates with other Claymores to take down powerful enemies.



Jean, known as “Jean the Silent,” is a warrior from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. She holds the rank of number 9 among the Claymores, female warriors who are half-human, half-Yoma and are tasked with fighting monstrous beings called Yoma. Jean is known for her loyalty and sense of duty, which play significant roles in her interactions with other characters.

Jean’s most notable relationship is with Clare, the series’ protagonist. Initially, they meet as fellow warriors without much personal connection. However, their relationship develops significantly after Jean is critically wounded during the Northern Campaign. Clare saves Jean’s life using the Yoma power of her right arm, an act that Jean takes to heart. In return, Jean pledges her unwavering loyalty to Clare, stating that her life belongs to Clare from that point on. This bond is a pivotal part of Jean’s character development, and it showcases her deep sense of gratitude and loyalty.

Another important relationship for Jean is with the other Claymores who participate in the Northern Campaign. These warriors form a camaraderie born out of shared hardship and the struggle for survival against the malevolent Awakened Beings they face. Jean’s interactions with her fellow warriors, such as Flora, the “Windcutter,” are marked by mutual respect and the understanding that they must rely on each other to survive.

Jean also has a connection with Galatea, who was once ranked number 3 among the Claymores. Galatea plays a role in helping Jean and the other warriors during the conflict in Pieta. Although their time together is brief, Jean recognizes Galatea’s strength and her own place within the ranks of the organization.

While Jean’s relationships are primarily with her fellow Claymores, she also encounters various other characters throughout the series, such as the enigmatic being Raki and the inhabitants of the towns she protects. Her interactions with these characters are often driven by her duty as a Claymore and her inherent kindness, despite the organization’s rule against forming attachments.

In summary, Jean’s relationships are characterized by her unwavering loyalty, particularly towards Clare, her sense of camaraderie with her fellow warriors, and her adherence to duty as a protector of humanity against the Yoma threat. These relationships are integral to her character and underscore the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and connection that are prevalent throughout the “Claymore” series.

Role in the Story


Jean is a significant character in the “Claymore” anime and manga series, known for her unwavering loyalty and remarkable willpower. She holds the rank of number 9 among the Claymores, warriors with Yoma powers working for the Organization to eliminate Yomas from the world.

Initially introduced during the Northern Campaign arc, Jean plays a crucial role in the battle against the awakened beings in Pieta. She is part of the group of 24 Claymores sent to confront the threat in the North. During this time, Jean is critically wounded and almost becomes an awakened being herself. However, she is saved by Clare, the series’ protagonist, which results in Jean developing a deep sense of gratitude and loyalty towards her.

Jean’s loyalty to Clare is so strong that she follows her beyond her initial duty, assisting Clare in her personal quest to defeat the powerful awakened being Priscilla. Jean’s sense of debt towards Clare drives her to make a pivotal sacrifice. In a desperate situation, she uses her signature technique, the Drill Sword, to save Clare’s life at the cost of her own. This selfless act not only cements Jean’s place in the hearts of her fellow warriors and the audience but also significantly impacts Clare’s journey, as it strengthens her resolve to continue her fight against the Organization and the Yomas.

Jean’s character arc is marked by themes of redemption, loyalty, and sacrifice, and her actions have lasting repercussions on the storyline, influencing the paths of other characters and the overall direction of the series. Her presence in the story highlights the emotional bonds and human struggles faced by the Claymores, despite their inhuman abilities and the harsh world they inhabit.


  • Jean’s name may be derived from Joan of Arc, who is also known as Jeanne d’Arc, reflecting her leadership qualities and strong will.
  • In the series, Jean holds the rank of Number 9 among the Claymores, indicating her high level of power and combat ability.
  • Jean’s signature move is the Drill Sword, which involves rapidly spinning her arm to create a drill-like effect. This unique technique is a testament to her incredible control over her Yoki (demonic energy).
  • She is one of the few Claymores who manages to partially awaken and then revert back to her human form, a feat that is considered nearly impossible within the series’ lore.
  • Jean’s loyalty and sense of duty are highlighted by her deep sense of gratitude towards Clare, the series’ protagonist, for saving her life; this leads to her vow to follow Clare and protect her with her life if necessary.
  • Despite her serious demeanor, Jean has a subtle character development arc that shows her learning to trust and open up to her fellow warriors, which is a significant emotional journey in the context of the Claymore series.
  • Her character design, with long, flowing hair and a calm, collected expression, contrasts with her powerful and aggressive fighting style, creating a dynamic and interesting character for fans of the series.
  • Jean’s death is considered one of the most impactful and emotional moments in the series, deeply affecting both the characters within the story and the readers/viewers themselves.
  • In various popularity polls conducted by the manga’s publisher, Jean consistently ranks as one of the favorite characters among fans of Claymore.
  • The anime adaptation of Claymore does not cover the entirety of Jean’s story as depicted in the manga, leaving out some of her character development and her role in later arcs.

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