Isley, also known as Isley of the North, is a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. As one of the series’ major antagonists, Isley is a former No. 1 Claymore who later becomes an Awakened Being, leading other Awakened Beings in the northern territories of the fictional world where “Claymore” is set. Known for his composed demeanor and strategic mind, Isley plays a crucial role in the events that unfold throughout the series, particularly in the Northern Campaign arc.Isley’s character is complex, with a personality that reflects both the noble aspects of his former human self and the darker traits of his Awakened form. His appearance is striking and distinctive, with features that set him apart from both humans and other beings within the series. As a warrior, Isley possesses formidable abilities that make him one of the most powerful entities in the “Claymore” universe. His relationships with other characters, including Priscilla and Raki, are intricate and significantly impact the narrative.Throughout the series, Isley’s role evolves as he confronts various challenges and engages in battles that highlight his skills and strategic prowess. His character’s journey is interwoven with the larger story of the Claymores and their fight against the malevolent Yoma and Awakened Beings. Additionally, various trivia and interesting facts about Isley contribute to the depth of his character and enrich the “Claymore” series for its audience.



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Isley, also known as Isley of the North, is a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. He is one of the Abyssal Ones, the most powerful class of Yoma, who are the series’ main antagonists. Isley was once a human who later became a Claymore, a hybrid of Yoma and human, and eventually ascended to become one of the three Abyssal Ones, ruling over the northern region of the continent.

Before his transformation into an Awakened Being, Isley was a Claymore warrior of exceptional skill. His past as a human is shrouded in mystery, and little is known about his life before he joined the ranks of the Claymores. He was created by the organization for the sole purpose of hunting down and exterminating Yoma.

As a Claymore, Isley was subjected to the same rigorous and dehumanizing training as his peers, designed to suppress his humanity and enhance his Yoma powers. His abilities and strength grew until he reached the point of awakening, at which time he abandoned his humanity altogether and became a creature driven by Yoma instincts.

Despite his transformation, Isley managed to retain a sense of nobility and intelligence that was uncommon among Awakened Beings. He eventually rose to power and became known as the Silver King, due to his striking silver hair and formidable presence. Isley commanded a legion of Awakened Beings and controlled the territories in the North with both strength and strategy, often avoiding unnecessary conflicts and seeking peaceful resolutions when possible.

Isley’s background sets the stage for his complex character and the role he plays in the world of “Claymore,” where he is both a fearsome enemy and a figure with a deep sense of honor and leadership.



Isley, known as the Silver King, is a character distinguished by his calm, composed demeanor, and a level of sophistication rarely seen among his kind. He exudes an air of nobility and grace, often appearing detached and indifferent to the chaos around him. Isley possesses a strategic mind, demonstrating patience and foresight in his actions, which is indicative of his leadership qualities.

Despite his status as a former number one warrior within the organization, Isley is not overtly arrogant. He treats others, including his subordinates, with a certain level of respect and consideration. This is not to say that he is without ambition; his actions are often calculated to maintain his position of power and influence.

His interactions with others reveal a charismatic individual capable of inspiring loyalty and camaraderie among fellow awakened beings. However, there is a sense of melancholy that surrounds him, hinting at a deeper, more complex personality shaped by his past experiences and the solitude that comes with his immense power. Isley’s demeanor can shift from serene to intimidating when the situation calls for it, but he rarely loses his composure, preferring to handle conflicts with tact and efficiency rather than brute force.



Isley, also known as Isley of the North, is depicted as an exceptionally tall and muscular male with long, flowing silver hair that cascades down his back, which is a common trait among awakened beings in the Claymore universe. His eyes are sharp and retain the silver color typical of Claymores, even though he is no longer human. His facial features are sharp and well-defined, exuding an aura of noble elegance and charisma.

Typically, Isley is seen wearing armor that befits his status as one of the Abyssal Ones, which is both regal and functional. The armor is often adorned with intricate designs and patterns, emphasizing his position as a leader. His attire usually consists of a long, white cape that adds to his commanding presence. Despite his battle-ready appearance, Isley carries himself with a grace that belies his immense power and combat prowess. When not in battle, his demeanor and attire reflect a calm and collected aristocracy rather than a ferocious warrior.



Isley, known as Isley of the North, is a powerful character in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” renowned for his extraordinary abilities that set him apart from other warriors.

As a former No. 1 in the male generation of Claymores, Isley possesses immense physical strength and agility that exceed those of nearly all other Claymores. His Yoki (demonic energy) control is incredibly refined, allowing him to release and suppress it with precision, giving him an edge in battles by masking his presence or unleashing powerful attacks.

Isley is a master swordsman, with skills honed through countless battles. His swordplay is both elegant and deadly, capable of dispatching foes with swift and precise strikes. His expertise extends to the use of various weapons, including a large bow which he can create from his own flesh and blood. He is adept at firing Yoki-infused arrows with such force and accuracy that they can decimate entire groups of enemies from a great distance.

His awakened form is that of a centaur-like creature, combining the speed and mobility of a horse with the upper body of a human, allowing him to move swiftly across the battlefield while wielding his massive sword with devastating effect.

Isley’s regeneration abilities are also impressive, as he can heal from wounds that would be fatal to others. This, combined with his already formidable durability, makes him extremely difficult to kill.

Furthermore, Isley has the ability to command and control lower Yoma and awakened beings, a trait that he uses to build an army. His leadership and strategic skills are evident in his ability to organize and lead his forces effectively in various confrontations.

Lastly, Isley has shown the capacity to sense the Yoki of other beings from great distances, an ability that serves him well in tracking his enemies and assessing their strength. This sensory skill, combined with his other abilities, solidifies his position as one of the most powerful entities in the world of “Claymore.”



Isley, known as Isley of the North, is one of the Abyssal Ones in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” and he holds significant relationships with several characters within the series.

One of the most notable relationships is with Priscilla, a former number two of the Organization who becomes an Awakened Being. Isley meets Priscilla after she has awakened, and despite her immense power and unstable nature, he takes her under his wing. Their relationship is complex; it appears to be partly strategic, as Priscilla is one of the most powerful beings in the series, but also personal, as they show signs of caring for each other in a twisted manner. Isley even refers to Priscilla as his “queen,” and they travel together along with Raki, a human boy who joins them.

Raki’s relationship with Isley is also significant, as Isley becomes a mentor figure to him. After Raki is banished from his hometown and separated from Clare, the series’ protagonist, he encounters Isley and Priscilla. Isley teaches Raki how to survive in the harsh world they inhabit, and in return, Raki provides companionship that seems to humanize Isley to some extent.

Isley’s interactions with Clare, the main character of “Claymore,” are mostly antagonistic, as she is a Claymore warrior sworn to destroy Yoma and Awakened Beings like him. However, their relationship is not as direct as with other characters, and Clare views Isley primarily as a formidable enemy to be wary of.

As an Abyssal One, Isley also has a rivalry with the other two Abyssal Ones, Riful of the West and Luciela of the South. They are the most powerful Awakened Beings in the land, and there is a delicate balance of power between them. Although they are not allies, they maintain a certain level of respect and caution towards each other to avoid an all-out war that could be catastrophic.

Throughout the series, Isley also encounters other Claymore warriors and Awakened Beings, and his relationships with them are typically adversarial. He is a figure of fear and respect due to his immense power and leadership among the creatures of the dark.

Role in the Story


Isley, also known as Isley of the North, is a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Claymore.” He is one of the three Abyssal Ones, the most powerful class of Yoma, and rules over the northern region of the continent.

Initially introduced as a mysterious and powerful figure, Isley’s role in the story unfolds as the series progresses. He is a former No. 1 Claymore who eventually succumbed to his Yoma side, becoming an Awakened Being. His power and leadership skills earn him the loyalty of many other Awakened Beings, and he creates an army with the intent of conquering the southern lands, which are under the control of the human organization known as The Organization.

Isley’s influence and actions drive much of the plot in the northern arc of the story. He recruits the series protagonist Clare and other Claymores to his cause under the pretense of a Northern Campaign against the creatures known as Awakened Beings. However, his true intentions are to use the Claymores to thin out the numbers of his own Awakened Being army, selecting only the strongest for his conquest of the south.

Isley also serves as a mentor to the character Raki, teaching him how to survive in the harsh world filled with Yoma and Awakened Beings. This relationship adds depth to Isley’s character, showing a side of him that is capable of compassion and education, contrasting with his role as a powerful antagonist.

As the story progresses, Isley’s past and his motivations are revealed, adding layers to his character and his interactions with other characters in the series. His presence and the threat he poses to both Claymores and humans set the stage for significant conflicts and character development throughout the series.

Ultimately, Isley’s actions lead to major battles and confrontations with other key characters, including Clare, the other Abyssal Ones, and The Organization itself. His role is pivotal in shaping the world of “Claymore” and the fates of many characters within it.


  • Isley is also known as “Isley of the North,” reflecting his position as one of the four Abyssal Ones, the most powerful awakened beings in the Claymore universe.
  • His name is sometimes spelled “Isley,” but it can also be found as “Isley” in various translations of the manga and anime.
  • Isley is a master swordsman, and his combat style is reminiscent of medieval European knights, which is unique compared to other characters in the series.
  • He is the only known character in Claymore who has been shown to be able to control and lead an army of Awakened Beings.
  • Isley’s human form is depicted as exceptionally handsome and graceful, making his monstrous awakened form a stark contrast.
  • His relationship with Priscilla, another powerful character in the series, adds a complex layer to his character and the story’s dynamic.
  • The horse that Isley rides, which is also an Awakened Being, is a unique feature not shared with any other character in the series.
  • Isley’s ability to transform parts of his body into weapons is a nod to traditional shape-shifter myths and legends.
  • Despite his fearsome abilities and role as an antagonist, Isley has moments that reveal a more humane and compassionate side, which adds depth to his character.
  • The character’s name may have been inspired by the real-life Isley Brothers, an American musical group, although this has never been confirmed by the creator.

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