Rubel is a fictional character in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid shape-shifters known as Yoma, who feed on humans. To combat these monsters, an organization creates half-human, half-Yoma warriors called Claymores, named after the large swords they wield. Rubel plays the role of a mysterious and enigmatic member of the organization, often seen orchestrating events from behind the scenes.As a character, Rubel’s background is shrouded in secrecy, and he is known for his cunning and manipulative personality. He is often depicted as a liaison between the Claymore warriors and the organization, delivering orders and information with a sly demeanor. His appearance is characterized by his distinctive attire and calm, unflappable presence, which belies the sharp mind and strategic thinking he employs to achieve his goals.Rubel’s abilities are more intellectual than physical, as he is not shown engaging in combat. Instead, his strength lies in his intelligence and his role as a gatherer and disseminator of information. His relationships with other characters in the series are complex, as he often appears to be playing multiple sides for reasons that are not immediately apparent.Throughout the series, Rubel’s role in the story evolves as he becomes involved in various plotlines and character developments. His actions and decisions have significant repercussions on the narrative and the fates of the other characters. Despite his limited screen time compared to the main protagonists, Rubel’s influence on the unfolding events is undeniable.This page will delve into Rubel’s character, exploring his background, personality, appearance, and abilities, as well as his relationships with other characters and his overall role in the “Claymore” story. Additionally, it will include trivia and other interesting facts about this enigmatic figure.



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Rubel is a mysterious and enigmatic character featured in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. He is a member of the secretive organization known as the Organization, or simply “the Organization,” which is responsible for creating and managing the Claymore warriors—female hybrids who are part human and part Yoma (demons) and are tasked with hunting down and destroying Yoma across the land.

Although not much is known about Rubel’s past, it is clear that he plays a pivotal role within the Organization as a handler. Handlers are assigned to manage and oversee the Claymores, providing them with missions and collecting information on their activities and progress. Rubel, in particular, is known for his intelligence gathering skills and his ability to manipulate events from behind the scenes.

Rubel’s true motives and loyalties remain largely a mystery throughout the series. He often appears to be operating with his own agenda, and his interactions with the Claymores and other characters suggest that he has a broader understanding of the Organization’s inner workings and the dark truths that lie at its core. Despite his position within the Organization, Rubel’s actions often hint at a more complex character than a simple antagonist or bureaucrat, raising questions about his ultimate goals and the role he is destined to play in the unfolding narrative.



Rubel is portrayed as a mysterious and cunning character, often displaying a calm and collected demeanor. He is a manipulative individual who tends to use others for his own ends, showing little concern for their well-being. His true intentions are often hidden, and he is skilled at keeping his thoughts and emotions under wraps, which makes him difficult to read for both the other characters and the audience.

He often speaks in a sarcastic tone and has a knack for provocation, using his words to steer people in the direction he desires. Despite his often questionable actions, Rubel maintains an air of charm and politeness that can be disarming. He is highly intelligent and strategic, always seeming to be several steps ahead of those around him.

Rubel’s loyalty is ambiguous, and while he appears to serve the organization he is a part of, it is hinted that he may have his own agenda. Overall, his personality is marked by a distinct lack of empathy and a penchant for deception, making him an intriguing and unpredictable character in the Claymore series.



Rubel is a mysterious and enigmatic male character in the series, often seen dressed in the standard uniform of the Organization’s handlers. He is a slender man of average height and appears to be middle-aged. His most distinguishing features are his light hair, which is neatly combed back, and his narrow, calculating eyes that are typically hidden behind a pair of round-framed glasses. His expression is usually impassive, giving away very little of his thoughts or intentions.

He is frequently seen wearing a long, dark coat with a high collar, which adds to his secretive aura. Underneath, he wears a lighter colored shirt and a tie, which together with his coat, give him a formal and official appearance befitting his role as a liaison between the Organization and the Claymores. His attire is completed with a pair of dark trousers and shoes. Rubel’s overall appearance is that of a bureaucrat or a spy, which aligns with his role of gathering information and manipulating events from the shadows.



Rubel, being a member of the mysterious organization in the “Claymore” series, does not display any supernatural abilities like the Claymores or Yoma. He is a human and acts as a liaison between the Claymores and the organization. His primary skills lie in his cunning nature, intelligence, and manipulative abilities. He is adept at gathering information, controlling the flow of said information, and using it to influence others to serve the organization’s secretive goals.

While Rubel does not engage in direct combat, his strategic mind and foresight make him a dangerous character in the series. He is skilled at playing the long game, setting up events and people in ways that serve the organization’s interests, often without their knowledge. His diplomatic skills are also noteworthy, as he is able to maintain a facade of neutrality and composure, even when dealing with highly volatile situations.

Rubel’s role is more of an observer and a manipulator rather than a fighter, and as such, his abilities are more mental and psychological than physical. He can be seen as a chess master, moving pieces around a board, with the Claymores and other characters often unaware they are being manipulated. This makes him one of the more enigmatic and potentially dangerous characters in the “Claymore” universe, despite his lack of physical prowess.


Rubel’s interactions and connections with other characters in the “Claymore” series are complex, as he plays the role of a mysterious and manipulative individual. His primary affiliation is with the organization that creates and manages the Claymores, where he serves as a handler—a liaison between the warriors and the higher-ups.

Rubel’s relationship with the Claymores themselves is one of detachment and professionalism. He often appears to give missions and collect reports, but he maintains a distance, showing little to no concern for their well-being. This is evident in his interactions with Clare, the series’ protagonist, whom he often provides with information and assignments, yet always with an underlying agenda.

One of the most significant relationships Rubel has is with the organization’s top echelons, particularly with the enigmatic entity known only as “The Organization.” He is seen conversing with other handlers and higher-ranking members about the progress and development of individual Claymores, as well as about the broader strategies and experiments they conduct. However, the true depth of his loyalty and his ultimate goals remain shrouded in mystery.

Rubel also seems to have connections outside of the organization, hinting at a network of informants and possibly other clandestine associations. His ability to gather intelligence and manipulate events suggests that he has a wide array of contacts and is not above using others to achieve his objectives.

Throughout the series, Rubel’s relationships are characterized by his cunning nature, as he rarely shows his hand, and it is often unclear whose side he is truly on. His interactions are laced with ulterior motives, and he remains one of the most enigmatic characters in the “Claymore” universe, with relationships that serve his inscrutable ends.

Role in the Story


Rubel is a mysterious and enigmatic character who plays a significant role in the “Claymore” series. He is introduced as a member of the Organization, which creates and manages the Claymores, female warriors infused with Yoma (demon) flesh and blood to fight against the Yoma themselves. Rubel’s primary function within the Organization is that of a handler, a liaison between the Claymores and their superiors. He is responsible for giving out orders, collecting reports, and overseeing the overall activities of the Claymores assigned to him.

Throughout the series, Rubel is seen manipulating events from behind the scenes. His true intentions are often unclear, and he maintains an air of neutrality, though his actions suggest he has his own agenda. He is known for his intelligence and cunning, using his position to influence the actions of various characters.

Rubel plays a pivotal role in the development of the main character, Clare. He is the one who recruits her and provides her with information on numerous occasions, though his reasons for doing so are not always for her benefit. His cryptic hints and information often lead Clare and other characters to make discoveries that are crucial to the plot’s advancement.

As the story progresses, Rubel’s deeper involvement with the Organization’s secrets and the true nature of the Claymores comes to light. He seems to be aware of much more than he lets on, including the Organization’s darkest experiments and the existence of beings more powerful than the Yoma and Claymores.

Rubel’s role becomes even more complex as the series reaches its climax. His actions and the information he provides become catalysts for significant events, including rebellions and the unveiling of hidden truths about the world of “Claymore.” Despite his lack of direct combat involvement, Rubel’s influence on the storyline and the fates of the characters is undeniable, making him a key player in the unfolding narrative.


  • Rubel is often seen with a mysterious smile, which adds to his enigmatic and manipulative nature.
  • His name is not of Japanese origin and may be derived from European languages, which is fitting given the Western medieval setting of Claymore.
  • Rubel’s true allegiances and motives are a subject of speculation among fans, as he often appears to be playing multiple sides.
  • Despite being a non-warrior character, Rubel is one of the few who appears consistently throughout the series, indicating his importance to the overarching plot.
  • He is known for his cryptic dialogue, rarely giving away information directly and preferring to speak in riddles or half-truths.
  • Rubel’s eyes are rarely shown, as they are often shaded or hidden behind his glasses, which adds to his secretive persona.
  • The anime adaptation of Claymore leaves some of Rubel’s story arcs and intentions more ambiguous than the manga, leading to different fan theories between the mediums.
  • His character does not engage in physical combat, which is unusual in a series that heavily focuses on battle and warrior abilities.
  • Rubel’s role as an observer and a manipulator can be seen as a parallel to the role of the audience, as he often knows more about the events of the world than the other characters.

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