Ophelia is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid creatures called Yoma, which feed on humans. To combat this threat, an organization creates half-human, half-Yoma warriors known as Claymores, named after the large swords they wield. These female warriors possess enhanced abilities to battle the Yoma. Ophelia is introduced as one of these Claymores, and throughout the series, she is characterized by her distinctive personality, appearance, and combat skills.As a Claymore, Ophelia holds a rank within the organization, which signifies her power level and combat proficiency. Her background, including her reasons for joining the Claymores and her life prior to becoming a warrior, provide insight into her motivations and character development. Her personality is complex, marked by a blend of sadistic tendencies and a drive for power, which makes her interactions with other characters particularly intriguing.Ophelia’s appearance is notable for her unique features that set her apart from other Claymores, and her abilities demonstrate her prowess in battle, showcasing her individual fighting style and techniques. Her relationships with other characters in the series, whether antagonistic or otherwise, further define her role within the narrative and contribute to the overarching plot. As the story unfolds, Ophelia’s involvement becomes crucial to certain arcs, influencing the direction and outcomes of various conflicts.In addition to her role in the story, there are various trivia and interesting facts about Ophelia that fans of the series may find noteworthy, such as her creation, influences, and any differences between her portrayal in the anime and manga. Overall, Ophelia stands out as a memorable character within the “Claymore” universe due to her multifaceted nature and the impact she has on the story’s progression.



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Ophelia is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. In the series, she is a Claymore, a warrior with Yoma (demon) powers, who works for an organization known as The Organization. Ophelia is designated as No. 4 among the Claymores, indicating her high level of power and skill.

Ophelia’s background is marked by a traumatic childhood experience, where she witnessed her brother being killed by a Yoma. This event deeply affected her, fueling a sadistic personality and an intense hatred for Yoma. As a result, Ophelia developed a twisted pleasure in hunting and torturing Yoma, often prolonging their deaths for her own enjoyment.

Her thirst for revenge and her desire to eradicate Yoma led Ophelia to join The Organization, where she underwent the process of becoming a Claymore. This process involved infusing her body with Yoma flesh and blood, granting her superhuman abilities at the cost of her humanity. Ophelia’s single-minded focus on her goals made her one of the most formidable and feared Claymores within the organization. Her tragic past and resulting psychological issues play a significant role in her actions and interactions with other characters throughout the series.



Ophelia is known for her sadistic and cruel demeanor, taking pleasure in the suffering of others, particularly when fighting Awakened Beings or other Claymores. She has a twisted sense of humor and often mocks her opponents during battles. Despite her strength and skill as a warrior, her bloodlust and enjoyment of battle can make her seem unstable and unpredictable.

She is also characterized by her deep-seated hatred for Awakened Beings, stemming from a traumatic event in her past where her brother was killed by one. This event has shaped her into a relentless and ruthless hunter of these beings, often disregarding orders and protocols to pursue her own vendetta.

Ophelia’s personality is marked by a lack of empathy and a disregard for the lives of others, including fellow Claymores. She is arrogant and confident in her abilities, often underestimating her opponents, which can lead to her downfall. Despite her vicious nature, she shows a form of respect towards those she deems strong or worthy opponents, although this respect is still laced with her desire to fight and kill them.

Her obsession with strength and battle, combined with her psychological instability, makes her one of the more unpredictable and dangerous characters within the Claymore series.



Ophelia is a female Claymore, distinguishable by her number 4 rank, which is indicated by the symbol on her uniform. She has a slender and athletic build, typical of a warrior in the series. Her hair is long, wild, and fiery red, often seen as a reflection of her unstable and sadistic personality. Her eyes, like all Claymores, change from silver to a golden hue when she releases her Yoma power, with the slit pupils characteristic of a fully awakened being.

She is adorned in the standard Claymore uniform, which consists of a silver breastplate, faulds, and shoulder guards over a white bodysuit with dark boots. The uniform is both functional and symbolic, marking her as a member of the Organization. Ophelia’s presence is often marked by a confident, almost predatory, posture and an unsettling grin that foreshadows her love for battle and chaos. Her appearance is completed by the Claymore sword she carries, a symbol of her status as a warrior and her lethal abilities.



Ophelia was a Claymore, a warrior with the ability to wield a large sword and enhanced physical abilities due to the infusion of Yoma flesh and blood. As a Claymore, she possessed superhuman strength, agility, and healing abilities, which made her a formidable opponent in battle. Her agility allowed her to move at high speeds, making it difficult for both Yoma and other Claymores to keep up with her.

She was known for her unique and twisted fighting style, which she referred to as “Rippling Sword.” This technique involved making her sword vibrate while in combat, increasing its cutting ability and making it nearly impossible for opponents to predict where the next attack would come from. The Rippling Sword technique was a testament to her exceptional control over her Yoma powers, as manipulating the sword in such a manner required precise and minute adjustments to her Yoma energy.

Ophelia’s Yoma energy control was also evident in her ability to partially awaken. Unlike most Claymores, who risked losing their humanity if they released too much Yoma power, Ophelia could unleash a controlled awakening of her arm, transforming it into a monstrous claw with extended reach and devastating power. This ability allowed her to fight with the strength of an Awakened Being while maintaining her human consciousness.

Her sensory abilities were also highly developed, allowing her to detect Yoma and other Claymores from great distances. This skill made her an effective hunter of both Yoma and Awakened Beings, as she could track her prey with ease.

Despite her strengths, Ophelia’s lust for battle and her enjoyment of toying with her opponents could sometimes be a weakness, as she often underestimated her enemies, which could lead to her downfall. Nonetheless, her combat prowess and her twisted enjoyment of battle made her one of the most feared Claymores of her generation.



Ophelia’s relationships in the “Claymore” anime and manga are characterized by her aggressive and sadistic nature, which leads her to have few positive connections with others. She is known for her deep-seated hatred towards Awakened Beings due to her brother’s death at the hands of one. This traumatic event heavily influences her interactions and relationships with other characters in the series.

One of the most significant relationships Ophelia has is with Clare, the series’ protagonist. Ophelia sees Clare as a rival and enjoys toying with her, showcasing a mix of curiosity and contempt. She is intrigued by Clare’s determination to survive despite being considered weak among the Claymores. Their interactions are filled with tension and conflict, with Ophelia often placing Clare in life-threatening situations for her amusement.

Ophelia’s interactions with other Claymores are generally marked by her disdain and superiority complex. She is not known to have close friendships or alliances, as her cruel nature tends to alienate her from her peers. Her reputation as a bloodthirsty warrior precedes her, causing other Claymores to approach her with caution or fear.

Despite her mostly antagonistic relationships, Ophelia’s past connection with her brother is a rare glimpse into a softer side of her character, showing that she was once capable of love and deep emotional bonds before his death twisted her personality.

Regarding her superiors within the organization that creates and manages the Claymores, Ophelia shows a level of obedience to their commands, as she understands the hierarchy and the importance of following orders to maintain her position. However, her compliance is often intermixed with her own cruel intentions and desires, which can lead her to interpret orders in a way that satisfies her sadistic tendencies.

Overall, Ophelia’s relationships are defined by her role as an antagonist, her enjoyment of others’ suffering, and the trauma of her past, which all contribute to her complex and often hostile interactions with those around her.

Role in the Story


Ophelia is a prominent character in the “Claymore” series, known for being one of the organization’s single-digit ranked warriors, specifically holding the rank of Number 4. Her story is intertwined with the main protagonist, Clare’s, journey within the dark fantasy world of the series.

Initially introduced as a twisted and sadistic character, Ophelia revels in hunting Awakened Beings, former Claymores who have succumbed to their Yoma power and transformed into monstrous creatures. She is particularly infamous for her cruel treatment of other Claymores and her unsettling enjoyment of combat and killing.

Her role becomes significant when Clare encounters her during her journey. Ophelia forces Clare to engage in a fight, which reveals the true extent of Clare’s abilities and determination. This confrontation is crucial for Clare’s development, as it pushes her to her limits and causes her to tap into her latent powers.

During her time in the story, Ophelia undergoes her own transformation, which serves as a critical plot point. Her own battle with becoming an Awakened Being highlights the constant danger the Claymores face in their line of duty. It also serves as a stark reminder of the thin line they walk between humanity and monstrosity.

Ophelia’s interactions with Clare and other characters serve to further the narrative by providing insight into the organization’s workings and the personal struggles of the Claymores. Her character arc is a tragic one, showcasing the harsh realities of the world they live in and the personal costs of their fight against the Yoma.

Ultimately, Ophelia’s presence in the story serves to challenge Clare and to highlight the complexities of the Claymores’ existence, where the warriors must not only battle external monsters but also the monsters within themselves. Her role is pivotal in illustrating the darker themes of the series, such as the loss of humanity and the brutal consequences of power.


  • Ophelia’s name may be derived from the character of the same name in William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet,” who is also known for her tragic madness and eventual death.
  • She is one of the few Claymores known to enjoy fighting and killing, which is reflected in her sadistic personality.
  • Her twisted sense of humor and enjoyment of others’ suffering is a unique character trait that sets her apart from other warriors in the series.
  • Ophelia is the only known Claymore to intentionally awaken a part of her body during a fight, which she does to increase her combat abilities.
  • Her sword technique, “Rippling Sword,” is unique to her and is not seen being used by any other character in the series.
  • Despite her cruel nature, Ophelia has a deep-seated hatred for the Awakened Beings, stemming from her brother’s death at the hands of one.
  • Ophelia’s rank as Number 4 in the organization highlights her exceptional strength, but also suggests that her instability prevents her from achieving a higher rank.
  • Her character arc is often noted for its tragic elements, mirroring the descent into madness of her Shakespearean namesake.
  • In the anime adaptation, some aspects of Ophelia’s character and backstory are slightly altered or expanded upon compared to the manga version.
  • Ophelia’s design, with her long, unkempt hair and crazed expressions, visually conveys her unstable and wild nature.

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