Cynthia is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid creatures called Yoma, who feed on humans. To combat these monsters, an organization creates half-human, half-Yoma warriors known as Claymores, named after the large swords they wield. Cynthia is one of these warriors, known for her calm demeanor and distinctive abilities. As a secondary character, she plays a supportive role in the overarching narrative, contributing to the series’ exploration of themes such as identity, camaraderie, and the struggle against monstrous natures. This page delves into Cynthia’s background, detailing her origins and experiences as a Claymore, her personality traits, physical appearance, and the unique abilities that distinguish her in battle. Additionally, it examines her relationships with other characters, her involvement in key plot points, and various trivia that enriches her presence within the “Claymore” universe.



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Cynthia is a character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. In the world of “Claymore,” a fictional medieval island is plagued by humanoid monsters called Yoma, who feed on human innards. The only force capable of combating these creatures are the “Claymores,” named after the great swords they wield, who are female warriors created by the mysterious Organization. These warriors are half-human, half-Yoma hybrids, designed to possess the strength necessary to defeat Yomas while retaining enough humanity to coexist with humans.

Cynthia is one of these Claymore warriors. She is introduced as a member of the current generation of Claymores, ranking within the lower half of the Organization’s numbering system. Despite not being among the top-ranked warriors, Cynthia is a skilled fighter who plays a role in several key battles throughout the series. Her history, like that of many Claymores, is marked by tragedy and hardship, as becoming a Claymore is often a last resort for girls who have been victimized by Yoma or who have no other means of survival.

Before becoming a Claymore, Cynthia, like her comrades, would have endured a brutal process that involves infusing Yoma flesh and blood into her body, a procedure that grants her the ability to sense Yoma and the enhanced physical abilities necessary to fight them. However, this process also carries the risk of losing her humanity and becoming an Awakened Being, a powerful and monstrous form that Claymores can turn into if they lose control of their Yoma side.

Cynthia’s background sets the stage for her development as a character, as she navigates the challenges of her role as a Claymore while striving to maintain her humanity and form bonds with her fellow warriors. Her experiences reflect the broader themes of the series, including the struggle for identity, the cost of power, and the search for belonging in a world filled with conflict and danger.



Cynthia is depicted as a calm and compassionate individual, known for her caring and gentle demeanor. She often exhibits a level of kindness and concern for her fellow warriors that is uncommon among Claymores, who are typically more detached due to their line of work. Despite the harsh nature of her role as a Claymore, she maintains a sense of empathy and often seeks to avoid unnecessary conflict or violence.

She is also characterized by her sense of duty and loyalty, both to her comrades and to the mission at hand. Cynthia’s dedication to her friends is particularly evident in her interactions with them, where she is supportive and encouraging, even in the face of grave danger. Her loyalty is further highlighted by her willingness to risk her own safety for the sake of others.

While she is not as aggressive or outspoken as some of her fellow warriors, Cynthia’s resolve is unwavering when it comes to protecting those she cares about. Her personality allows her to form strong bonds with others, and she often serves as a stabilizing presence within her group, offering a soothing influence in the otherwise tense and perilous life of a Claymore.



Cynthia is depicted as a slender and tall warrior with a graceful figure, consistent with the typical physique of a Claymore. She has fair skin and straight, waist-length hair that is a distinctive golden color, which she wears loose. Like all Claymore warriors, her eyes are silver, a trait that signifies her half-Yoma nature, and they can turn a glowing gold when she releases her Yoma power.

She is garbed in the standard uniform of the Claymore warriors, which consists of a silver breastplate, faulds, and pauldrons, with a dark under-suit covering the rest of her body. The uniform also includes a distinctive Claymore sword, which she carries on her back, and the symbol of the organization, typically a numbered rank, is emblazoned on the sword’s hilt. Her outfit is completed with a pair of knee-high armored boots. Her overall appearance is both formidable and elegant, reflecting her status as a warrior of considerable skill.



Cynthia is depicted as a skilled warrior within the ranks of the Claymores, a group of female warriors who possess the ability to fight monstrous beings known as Yoma. As a Claymore, she has enhanced physical abilities, including strength, agility, and heightened senses, which she uses to track and combat Yoma effectively.

Cynthia is particularly noted for her exceptional healing ability, which is faster and more efficient than that of most other Claymores. This allows her to recover from injuries quickly, even those that would be fatal to others. Her regenerative powers are significant enough to impress her comrades and are a key aspect of her character within the series.

Like all Claymores, Cynthia can tap into her Yoma power to increase her combat abilities. This process, known as “releasing Yoki,” gives her a temporary boost in speed and strength, making her a formidable opponent in battle. However, using this power comes with the risk of losing her humanity and becoming an Awakened Being, a fate that all Claymores strive to avoid.

Her swordsmanship is also noteworthy, as she has been trained to wield her large claymore sword with precision and skill. Her combat style is both graceful and effective, allowing her to take on multiple opponents simultaneously.

Despite not being one of the highest-ranked warriors, Cynthia’s abilities make her a reliable member of any team she is part of, and her healing skills, in particular, provide invaluable support during missions and battles.



Cynthia, like many other Claymore warriors, had limited personal relationships due to the nature of their existence as half-human, half-Yoma beings created to fight Yoma. Nevertheless, she did form bonds with several characters throughout the series:

1. **Team Members:** Cynthia was part of an all-female warrior group known as the Claymores. Within this group, she formed particularly close ties with her team during the Northern Campaign, which included warriors such as Undine, Deneve, and Helen. They fought alongside each other against the awakened beings and shared a camaraderie born out of mutual respect and the shared goal of survival.

2. **Undine:** Cynthia had a notable relationship with Undine, who initially appeared to be her polar opposite. Undine was aggressive and seemingly unapproachable, while Cynthia was calm and kind. Despite their differences, Cynthia saw through Undine’s tough exterior and understood her true nature, which led to a deep bond between them. When Undine was fatally wounded, Cynthia used her Yoki energy to keep Undine alive, demonstrating the strength of their connection.

3. **Deneve and Helen:** After the time skip in the series, Cynthia is often seen with Deneve and Helen. Their relationship is one of mutual trust and support, having been through life-threatening situations together. They have a strong bond that extends beyond mere companionship, as they rely on each other for emotional support in their struggles.

4. **Clare:** Cynthia and Clare, the series’ protagonist, did not have a deeply personal relationship, but they were comrades-in-arms. Cynthia respected Clare’s abilities and her determination to pursue her own path, even when it diverged from the organization’s orders.

5. **The Organization:** As with all Claymores, Cynthia had a complex relationship with the organization that created her. She was bound to follow their orders and live by their rules, but the series explores the tension between the Claymores’ sense of duty and their personal desires, hinting at an underlying conflict within Cynthia’s relationship with the organization.

Throughout the series, Cynthia’s relationships are characterized by the themes of camaraderie, sacrifice, and the search for humanity within a life filled with monstrous battles. Her interactions with other characters often highlight her compassionate nature and the ways in which the Claymores find solace and strength in each other in a world that views them as tools rather than people.

Role in the Story


Cynthia is a secondary character in the “Claymore” anime and manga series, which is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid monsters called Yoma. Cynthia is a member of the organization of female warriors known as Claymores, named after the large swords they wield. These warriors are half-human, half-Yoma hybrids created to fight the Yoma.

Cynthia is introduced as a member of an all-female group of Claymores sent to the Northern lands to fight in a large-scale battle against awakened beings, which are Claymores who have succumbed to their Yoma side and transformed into powerful monsters. She is part of the Pieta arc, where the battle takes place in the town of Pieta.

Throughout the story, Cynthia’s role is that of a support character. She is known for her healing abilities, which are rare among Claymores. Her regenerative power is so strong that she can heal herself and others from wounds that would typically be fatal. This ability is pivotal in several instances, as she helps to save her comrades from near-death situations.

Cynthia is part of an offensive group known as the “Defensive Line,” which is tasked with holding off the awakened beings while the other warriors attempt to kill them. Despite not being one of the most powerful warriors, her determination and ability to support her comrades make her a valuable asset to the team.

After the Northern Campaign, Cynthia survives and goes into hiding along with a few other Claymores, including Yuma and Tabitha. Together, they support the series’ protagonist, Clare, in her quest to defeat the organization that created them and to find and kill Priscilla, one of the most powerful awakened beings and the series’ main antagonist.

As the story progresses, Cynthia continues to play a supportive role, aiding her fellow warriors in their battles and helping to heal their wounds. Her kind and caring nature often provides emotional support to her comrades, which is just as important as her physical healing abilities in their ongoing struggle.

Cynthia’s presence in the series, while not at the forefront, is significant in showcasing the bonds between the Claymore warriors and the importance of teamwork and camaraderie in their fight against the Yoma and the awakened beings. Her contributions to the group’s survival and her individual interactions with other characters help to flesh out the world of “Claymore” and provide depth to the story’s exploration of what it means to be both human and monster.


  • Cynthia is ranked number 14 among the Claymore warriors, indicating her high level of power and skill within the organization.
  • She is known for her exceptional healing abilities, which are considered to be among the best of the Claymores.
  • Her character design, like many others in the series, is likely inspired by medieval European knights, reflecting the manga’s dark fantasy setting.
  • Cynthia is often seen in the company of Yuma, with whom she shares a close bond, highlighting the theme of camaraderie among warriors in the series.
  • Despite her combat prowess, Cynthia’s personality is relatively gentle and caring compared to other Claymores, which is somewhat atypical for a warrior.
  • In various extra scenes and cover art, she is depicted with a calm and composed demeanor, further emphasizing her serene nature.
  • The creator of Claymore, Norihiro Yagi, has not provided extensive background information on Cynthia, leaving much of her past a mystery to the audience.
  • Cynthia’s role in the anime adaptation may differ slightly from her portrayal in the manga, as is common with adaptations due to time constraints and narrative focus.
  • Merchandise such as figurines and collectible cards featuring Cynthia have been produced for fans of the series, showcasing her popularity within the Claymore fandom.
  • The name “Cynthia” is of Greek origin, meaning “woman from Kynthos,” which may not have a direct correlation to her character but adds to the diverse range of names within the Claymore series.

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