Helen is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval world plagued by humanoid shape-shifters known as Yoma, and it centers on the warriors known as Claymores, or “Silver-eyed Witches,” who are half-human, half-Yoma females created to combat these monsters. Helen holds the rank of Number 22 among the Organization’s warriors, and she is known for her brash and outspoken personality, as well as her distinctive ability to stretch her limbs to great lengths during combat. Throughout the series, Helen develops various relationships with other characters, particularly with her fellow Claymores, and plays a significant role in the overarching narrative. Her character adds a dynamic element to the story, providing both combat prowess and comic relief. This page explores Helen’s background, her unique personality traits, her visual appearance, her combat abilities, her interactions with other characters, her contributions to the plot, and interesting trivia about her role in the “Claymore” series.



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Helen is a character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. Within the series, she is a member of the organization known as “The Organization,” which creates half-human, half-Yoma (demon) warriors, also known as Claymores, to battle the Yoma that plague the land. Helen holds the rank of No. 22 among the Claymores, which is indicative of her combat strength in comparison to her peers.

Like her fellow warriors, Helen underwent a brutal process where her body was infused with Yoma flesh and blood, granting her superhuman abilities at the cost of her humanity. The series does not delve deeply into each character’s past before becoming a Claymore, but it is known that all Claymores have tragic backstories, often involving the death of family or loved ones at the hands of Yoma, which eventually leads them to join The Organization.

Helen’s background is not extensively explored, but it is implied that she, too, has suffered and chosen the path of a Claymore to seek revenge against the Yoma and to protect humans from their threat. Her journey as a Claymore is fraught with challenges, both from the Yoma she fights and the inner turmoil that comes with the risk of losing her humanity and becoming an Awakened Being—a Claymore who has succumbed to the Yoma side of her nature.



Helen is characterized by her brash and impulsive nature, often displaying a wild and rebellious attitude. She is outspoken and tends to speak her mind without much regard for authority or the feelings of others, which can sometimes put her at odds with her fellow warriors. Despite her rough exterior, Helen is fiercely loyal to those she considers friends and will go to great lengths to protect them. She has a particular bond with her fellow Claymores, especially those she has fought alongside.

Helen’s sense of humor is quite sarcastic, and she often uses it to cope with the grim realities of being a Claymore. She is not afraid to tease or joke around, even in dangerous situations, which can both lighten the mood and sometimes irritate her companions. Helen’s confidence in her abilities can sometimes border on arrogance, but she is not above admitting when she is wrong or acknowledging the strength of others.

Underneath her tough persona, Helen has a sense of vulnerability. The harsh life of a Claymore and the fear of losing her humanity to her Yoma side is a constant concern for her, as it is for all Claymores. This internal struggle sometimes surfaces, revealing a more introspective and thoughtful side to her character. Helen’s determination to survive and her desire for a life beyond killing Yoma give her a depth that belies her outwardly brusque demeanor.



Helen is depicted as a tall, athletic woman with a muscular build that is characteristic of Claymore warriors. Her most distinguishing feature is her long, spiky hair that falls past her shoulders, often portrayed in a vibrant shade of dark pink, which sets her apart from other characters in the series. Her eyes are silver, a common trait among Claymores, and they reflect her half-Yoma nature.

Her standard attire consists of the typical Claymore uniform, which includes a silver breastplate, faulds, and pauldrons, along with a pair of gauntlets and greaves. This armor is complemented by a skin-tight bodysuit that allows for flexibility and agility in combat. Like all Claymores, she carries a large claymore sword, which is her primary weapon against the Yoma. Her facial expression often conveys her brash and confident personality, and she carries herself with a boldness that is evident in her posture and movements.



Helen, a character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” is a warrior known for her unique abilities that set her apart from her fellow Claymores. One of her most distinctive powers is her ability to extend her limbs to great lengths, an ability known as “Stretching Limbs.” This skill allows her to attack enemies from a distance and catch them off guard, as well as to maneuver in battle with great flexibility.

As with all Claymores, Helen possesses enhanced strength, agility, and sensory perception, far surpassing that of a normal human. These abilities are a result of the Yoma flesh and blood that have been fused with her own, granting her the power to detect Yoma energy and to fight these monstrous beings effectively.

Helen also exhibits a high level of regeneration, a common trait among Claymores that enables her to recover from injuries that would be fatal to humans. This regenerative power, while not as potent as that of some other Claymores, still allows her to survive and continue fighting even after receiving severe wounds.

Another aspect of her abilities is her proficiency in swordsmanship. Like her peers, Helen is a skilled warrior trained in the use of the claymore sword, the signature weapon of her kind. Her combat style is aggressive and direct, often relying on her stretching ability to execute surprise attacks and to maintain an advantage over her opponents.

Lastly, Helen has the ability to partially awaken her Yoma powers, a dangerous technique that increases her combat abilities dramatically but at the risk of losing her humanity. However, she has shown control over this power, using it only when necessary and managing to revert to her human form without succumbing to the monstrous nature that comes with full awakening.



Helen, being one of the warriors in the Claymore series, interacts with various characters throughout the anime and manga, creating a web of relationships that are both complex and integral to her development as a character.

One of Helen’s most notable relationships is with her fellow warrior, Deneve. Initially, they seem to have a rocky start due to their contrasting personalities, but as the series progresses, they develop a deep bond and often fight alongside each other. Deneve’s calm and collected nature often serves as a counterbalance to Helen’s brash and impulsive behavior. This dynamic allows them to become close friends and reliable comrades in battle.

Helen also has an interesting dynamic with Clare, the protagonist of the series. Although Helen initially looks down on Clare due to her low rank, she gradually gains respect for Clare’s strength and determination. As they face various challenges together, Helen’s attitude towards Clare softens, and she begins to see her as a true friend and ally.

Miria, another warrior, also plays a significant role in Helen’s life. Miria’s leadership and strategic mind are something that Helen, despite her rebellious nature, comes to respect. Helen often follows Miria’s plans and commands, recognizing her as an unofficial leader among the group of warriors they belong to.

Throughout the series, Helen encounters many other warriors and beings, including those from the Organization and Awakened Beings. Her interactions with these characters are often driven by her duty as a warrior and her desire to survive in the harsh world they inhabit. However, her relationships with Deneve, Clare, and Miria are the most prominent and influential in terms of her personal growth and the storyline.

Role in the Story


Helen is a prominent secondary character in both the “Claymore” anime and manga series. She is a warrior known as a Claymore, a hybrid of human and Yoma, which are demonic creatures that the Claymores are tasked with exterminating.

Helen is introduced as a member of the 24th generation of Claymores, ranked number 22 among her peers. Her initial role is that of an antagonist to the protagonist, Clare, during the Witch’s Maw arc. However, as the story progresses, Helen’s character develops from a rival into an ally and friend to Clare.

Throughout the series, Helen is involved in various battles against the Yoma, Awakened Beings (former Claymores who have lost their humanity), and the Organization that created the Claymores. She becomes known for her unique ability to extend her limbs, which she uses effectively in combat.

Her camaraderie grows not only with Clare but also with other Claymores, such as Deneve and Miria. This bond becomes especially evident during the Northern Campaign arc, where Helen fights alongside her comrades against a horde of Awakened Beings in the town of Pieta.

As the series nears its climax, Helen plays a crucial role in the rebellion against the Organization. She takes part in the final battle against the Organization’s leadership and the remaining creatures under their control. Helen’s actions contribute to the eventual overthrow of the Organization and the liberation of the Claymores.

Throughout her journey, Helen’s character evolves from a brash and confrontational warrior to a loyal and courageous comrade who values the bonds she has formed with her fellow Claymores. Her evolution reflects the overarching themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the struggle for identity within the harsh world of “Claymore.”


  • Helen’s name, like many other characters in “Claymore,” is derived from a historical figure or a literary reference. In her case, it is likely a nod to Helen of Troy from Greek mythology, who was known for her beauty and whose abduction was a catalyst for the Trojan War.
  • Her signature technique, the “Drill Sword,” reflects her brash and straightforward personality, as it involves extending her arm and rotating it at high speeds to drill through enemies.
  • Helen is one of the few Claymores who frequently expresses a desire for a normal life, often mentioning her wish to eat and drink without the constraints of being a warrior.
  • She is known for her camaraderie with other Claymores, particularly her close friendship with Deneve, which provides comic relief as well as emotional depth within the series.
  • Despite her often reckless behavior, Helen has a high survival instinct, which is demonstrated on several occasions throughout the series where she manages to escape seemingly hopeless situations.
  • Her rank within the organization is No. 22 of the 47th generation, which does not necessarily reflect her true abilities, as the ranking system in “Claymore” is not always indicative of a warrior’s combat prowess.
  • Helen’s character design, with her wild hair and distinctive outfit, makes her easily recognizable and a fan favorite for her unique look among the Claymores.
  • In the anime adaptation, Helen’s voice is provided by Miki Nagasawa in Japanese and by Jamie Marchi in the English dub, contributing to her lively and boisterous personality.
  • Throughout the series, Helen’s growth as a character is evident, as she evolves from a somewhat selfish and impulsive warrior to a more thoughtful and dependable comrade.
  • The creator of “Claymore,” Norihiro Yagi, has been known to give his characters complex emotional landscapes, and Helen is no exception; her interactions with others often reveal a depth of feeling and loyalty beneath her rough exterior.

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