Priscilla is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. First introduced as a talented and powerful warrior within the ranks of the Claymores, human-Yoma hybrids created to battle monstrous beings known as Yoma, Priscilla’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series. Her journey is marked by tragedy, transformation, and the constant struggle between her humanity and the monstrous instincts within her. Priscilla’s complex personality, coupled with her striking appearance and unparalleled abilities, make her one of the most memorable and influential characters in the “Claymore” universe. Her relationships with other characters, particularly the protagonist Clare, play a crucial role in the overarching narrative and themes of the series. As her role in the story unfolds, Priscilla’s actions and motivations become central to the plot, leading to pivotal moments that shape the world of “Claymore.” Additionally, various trivia related to Priscilla’s character highlight her significance within the series and her impact on fans and the genre.



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Priscilla is a character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. In the series, she starts as a human girl who endures a traumatic childhood, witnessing the brutal death of her family at the hands of a Yoma, which are monstrous beings that feed on humans. This traumatic event shapes her into a cold and ruthless person, driven by a deep-seated desire for revenge.

To gain the power to avenge her family’s death, Priscilla willingly becomes a Claymore, a hybrid warrior with both human and Yoma blood. These female warriors are created by an organization known as “The Organization,” which modifies young girls to fight the Yoma threat. Priscilla quickly rises through the ranks due to her exceptional abilities, eventually becoming one of the most powerful Claymores of her generation.

However, Priscilla’s intense hatred for Yoma and her overwhelming desire for strength and revenge lead to her downfall. During an assignment to hunt down the powerful Awakened Being, Teresa of the Faint Smile, Priscilla loses control of her Yoma powers and “awakens,” becoming one of the very creatures she despised. This transformation marks a significant turning point in her life, as she becomes one of the series’ primary antagonists, driven by her instincts and losing much of her humanity in the process. Her background sets the stage for her complex character development and her pivotal role in the overarching narrative of “Claymore.”



Priscilla is depicted as a complex character with a multifaceted personality. Initially, she is introduced as a kind and gentle warrior, displaying a high level of innocence and naivety. Her dedication to the organization and her fellow Claymores is evident, and she shows a great deal of respect and admiration for her superiors, particularly Teresa.

However, Priscilla’s personality undergoes a drastic transformation following her awakening. After becoming an Awakened Being, she exhibits a much darker and more malevolent side. She becomes ruthless, bloodthirsty, and seemingly devoid of the compassion she once held for others. Her innocence is replaced by a primal instinct to feed on the flesh of both Yoma and humans, showcasing a loss of her humanity.

Despite her ferocity, Priscilla retains a child-like demeanor at times, which can be seen as a remnant of her former self. This juxtaposition between her innocence and her monstrous nature makes her an unpredictable and dangerous opponent. Her behavior is often erratic, and she can switch from calm and serene to violent and aggressive in an instant.

Priscilla’s personality is further complicated by her obsession with Teresa, the strongest Claymore of her time. This fixation is a driving force behind many of her actions and serves as a reminder of her past life and the trauma that led to her awakening. Her interactions with other characters are often marked by a sense of superiority and detachment, indicating a disconnection from her previous human emotions and relationships.



Priscilla, in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” is depicted as a young woman with a slender and tall physique that is typical of Claymores. She possesses long, flowing hair that is usually depicted as silver or pale blonde, which is characteristic of the warriors in the series. Her eyes are large and often shown with a silver or light blue hue, another distinctive trait of Claymores, especially when they release their Yoki (demonic energy).

Like all Claymores, Priscilla wears the standard uniform, which consists of a silver breastplate, faulds, and pauldrons with a dark undergarment beneath. This armor is both functional and symbolic, marking her as a member of the organization of female warriors. The uniform is completed with a longsword, which she carries on her back, and a symbol, usually a number, that indicates her rank within the organization.

Priscilla’s appearance changes dramatically after awakening, which is a transformation that occurs when a Claymore succumbs to their Yoma (demon) side. In her awakened form, Priscilla becomes a towering and monstrous being with an appearance that is both ethereal and intimidating. Her awakened form features elongated limbs, claw-like hands, and a more pronounced and aggressive facial structure, reflecting her immense power and loss of humanity. Despite the monstrous transformation, she retains a certain beauty, with her form taking on an almost angelic, albeit terrifying, appearance.



Priscilla is one of the most powerful characters in the “Claymore” series, both as a human Claymore and later as an Awakened Being. Her abilities are a combination of the innate skills she possessed as a human and those she acquired after awakening.

As a Claymore, Priscilla was already at an elite level, showing exceptional strength, agility, and swordsmanship. She was capable of releasing a significant amount of Yoki, the demonic energy that Claymores use to enhance their abilities, without losing her humanity. Her control over Yoki was so precise that she could suppress it to undetectable levels, making her presence unknown to other Yoma and Claymores.

After awakening, Priscilla’s abilities increased to a monstrous level. She became nearly invincible, with strength and speed far surpassing that of the average Awakened Being. Her regeneration capabilities were extraordinary, allowing her to heal from wounds that would be fatal to others almost instantly. This made her virtually immortal in battle, as she could recover from any injury, including dismemberment and decapitation.

Priscilla’s sensory abilities were also heightened after awakening. She could sense Yoki from vast distances and with incredible precision, making it nearly impossible for other beings to hide from her. Her combat skills were unmatched, as she could effortlessly defeat multiple opponents, including some of the strongest Claymores and Awakened Beings, without sustaining any damage.

Another terrifying ability of Priscilla’s was her power to consume other Yoma and Awakened Beings, which not only eliminated her opponents but also allowed her to absorb their power, further increasing her own strength. Her Yoki was so overwhelming that it could drive other Claymores to the brink of awakening just by being in her presence.

Overall, Priscilla’s combination of raw power, speed, regenerative capacity, and sensory perception made her one of the most feared entities in the “Claymore” universe, and she was often regarded as an almost unstoppable force.



Priscilla’s relationships in “Claymore” are complex, as she is a character who undergoes significant transformation throughout the series. Initially, Priscilla was part of a generation of Claymores and had interactions with her fellow warriors. However, her relationships become more strained and antagonistic after her awakening into an Awakened Being.

One of the most significant relationships Priscilla has is with Clare, the protagonist of the series. Clare harbors a deep-seated hatred for Priscilla because Priscilla is responsible for the death of Teresa, Clare’s mentor and mother figure. This relationship forms the core of Clare’s motivation for much of the series, as she seeks revenge against Priscilla.

Another important relationship is with Teresa herself. Priscilla idolized Teresa as a powerful Claymore and sought to surpass her. However, it was Priscilla’s defeat at Teresa’s hands, and her subsequent inability to accept that defeat, that led to her awakening and Teresa’s death.

Priscilla also has a complex relationship with Raki, a human boy who becomes significant in her life after her awakening. Despite her predatory nature as an Awakened Being, Priscilla shows a strange and often inexplicable fondness for Raki, protecting him and even displaying child-like behavior around him. This bond is one of the more enigmatic aspects of her character, hinting at remnants of humanity within her.

Throughout the series, Priscilla encounters various other Claymores and Awakened Beings, often resulting in conflict due to her immense power and volatile nature. Her interactions are usually marked by violence and the struggle for dominance, as she is one of the most powerful beings in the world of “Claymore.”

Finally, Priscilla’s relationship with the organization that creates Claymores is one of subservience turned into defiance. As a Claymore, she was bound to their rules and missions, but upon awakening, she becomes one of their greatest adversaries, representing the very threat they seek to control or destroy.

Overall, Priscilla’s relationships are characterized by a mixture of admiration, fear, hatred, and the complex dynamics of predator and prey. Her interactions with other characters drive much of the conflict and emotional depth within the “Claymore” series.

Role in the Story


Priscilla is a pivotal character in both the “Claymore” anime and manga series. Initially introduced as one of the most talented warriors within the Organization, she is a Claymore, a half-human, half-Yoma hybrid, created to battle the monstrous beings known as Yoma. Priscilla’s exceptional abilities quickly set her apart, marking her as one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Her role in the story is deeply intertwined with the main protagonist, Clare. Priscilla’s descent into darkness begins during a mission where she loses control and awakens, becoming a being far more powerful and monstrous than the creatures she was meant to destroy. This moment is a turning point in the series, as it leads to the death of Teresa of the Faint Smile, the strongest Claymore of her era and Clare’s mentor. Consumed by vengeance, Clare joins the Organization with the sole purpose of avenging Teresa’s death by killing Priscilla.

Priscilla’s transformation into an Awakened Being sets her on a path of destruction, making her a primary antagonist within the series. Her presence and actions have a significant impact on the storyline, as she becomes a target for the Organization and the other Claymores, including Clare, who seeks to fulfill her personal vendetta.

Throughout the series, Priscilla’s overwhelming strength and near-invulnerability make her a near-unstoppable force, challenging the limits of the other characters’ abilities and resolve. Her encounters with various characters, including Clare, Raki, and other Awakened Beings, shape the course of the story and contribute to the overarching narrative of the struggle between the Claymores and the malevolent forces they face.

As the story progresses, Priscilla’s character becomes more complex, revealing her inner turmoil and the remnants of her humanity, which contrast starkly with her monstrous actions. Her ultimate fate and the resolution of her storyline serve as a culmination of the themes of power, humanity, and redemption that are explored throughout the “Claymore” series.


  • Priscilla is considered one of the most powerful characters in the “Claymore” series, often being compared to the protagonist Clare in terms of sheer strength and combat skills.
  • Her name, “Priscilla,” is of Latin origin and means “ancient” or “venerable,” which may be a nod to her longevity and the power she has accumulated over time.
  • Despite her villainous role, Priscilla has garnered a significant fan base, with many fans finding her character to be complex and intriguing.
  • Priscilla’s transformation into an Awakened Being is one of the most pivotal moments in the series, marking a dramatic shift in the story’s direction.
  • In the anime adaptation, Priscilla’s voice is provided by Aya Hisakawa in the Japanese version and Brina Palencia in the English dub.
  • The design of Priscilla’s awakened form is often praised for its unique and terrifying appearance, which sets it apart from other Yoma and Awakened Beings in the series.
  • Priscilla’s character has sparked discussions and debates within the fandom regarding the nature of humanity and monstrosity, themes central to the “Claymore” narrative.
  • Some merchandise, such as figures and keychains, has been produced featuring Priscilla, reflecting her popularity among the “Claymore” fan community.
  • Priscilla’s extreme power and near-invincibility have led to criticism from some fans who view her as a “Mary Sue” type of character, although others argue that her backstory and development justify her abilities.
  • The relationship between Priscilla and Clare is one of the most emotionally charged dynamics in the series, with their final confrontation being highly anticipated by readers and viewers alike.

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