Miria is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. In the dark fantasy world of “Claymore,” where humans coexist with demonic creatures known as Yoma, Miria stands out as one of the elite warriors known as Claymores. These half-human, half-Yoma hybrids are employed by the mysterious Organization to fight the Yoma threat. Miria, known for her exceptional leadership skills and strategic mind, is often referred to by her rank, which fluctuates throughout the series but reflects her high standing among her peers.Her calm demeanor and analytical approach to combat situations make her a central figure within the series, both on and off the battlefield. Miria’s distinct appearance, marked by her silver eyes and blonde hair—a characteristic trait of all Claymores—complements her formidable abilities, which include incredible agility and swordsmanship, along with the unique powers bestowed upon her by her Yoma heritage.Throughout the series, Miria’s relationships with other characters, including her comrades and adversaries, further develop her character and reveal her motivations. Her role in the story is pivotal, as she becomes deeply involved in the unfolding events and the overarching narrative that explores the themes of identity, camaraderie, and the struggle against destiny. Additionally, Miria’s character is enriched by various trivia and interesting facts that contribute to her depth and appeal within the “Claymore” universe.



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Miria is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. In the series, she is known as “Miria the Phantom” due to her exceptional speed and agility, which allow her to move unseen like a ghost on the battlefield. Miria is a Claymore, a warrior with Yoma (demon) blood, created by an organization to fight and kill Yoma. She holds the rank of No. 6 among her peers, indicating her strength and abilities as a warrior.

Her background is shrouded in the typical tragedy that befalls many Claymores. Like her counterparts, she underwent a brutal and painful process to become half-human, half-Yoma. This transformation involved infusing her body with Yoma flesh and blood, giving her superhuman abilities at the cost of her humanity. Miria’s motivation for becoming a Claymore is rooted in her desire for vengeance and justice, as she aims to eradicate the Yoma that plague the land and threaten human lives. Throughout her journey, she becomes a natural leader and strategist, guiding other Claymores in their battles against the Yoma and the deeper conspiracies they uncover.



Miria, known as “Miria the Phantom” for her exceptional speed and agility, is a highly intelligent and strategic warrior. She is calm and composed, often serving as a natural leader to other Claymores due to her tactical acumen and ability to analyze situations quickly. Despite the Claymores being conditioned to suppress their emotions, Miria shows a caring and empathetic side, especially towards her comrades. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her fellow warriors, willing to risk her life for them without hesitation.

Miria’s sense of justice and strong moral compass drive her to question the motives and methods of the organization that created her. She is not one to follow orders blindly and can be quite rebellious when she senses injustice or corruption. This critical thinking sets her apart from many of her peers, who often follow the organization’s directives without question.

Her determination is unwavering, and she is committed to uncovering the truth behind the Claymores’ existence and the true nature of their enemy, the Yoma. Despite her serious demeanor, Miria is capable of kindness and has a softer side that she reveals to those she trusts. Her resilience in the face of adversity and her willingness to stand up for what she believes is right make her a respected and inspirational figure among the Claymores.



Miria is a tall, slender woman with fair skin and an athletic build, reflecting her status as a warrior. She possesses silver eyes, a characteristic shared by all Claymores, and her hair is short and silver-colored, which is often a distinguishing feature of Claymore warriors. Miria’s hairstyle is a bob cut that frames her face, with the front strands occasionally falling over her eyes.

Like all Claymores, she dons the standard uniform, which consists of a white, fitted sleeveless tunic with silver pauldrons, faulds, and a dark belt around the waist. This is accompanied by tight, thigh-high boots and matching gloves that extend to her biceps. The symbol of the Claymore organization, a sword with a wing-like pattern, is prominently displayed on the uniform. Each warrior’s symbol is unique, and Miria’s is located on the left side of her chest.

Miria’s Claymore number, which indicates her rank within the organization, is etched onto the front of her uniform. Throughout the series, her rank changes, reflecting her growth in strength and experience. Her overall appearance exudes a sense of calm confidence and competence, befitting her leadership qualities and combat prowess.



Miria, known as “Miria the Phantom” due to her exceptional speed and agility, is a highly skilled warrior in the anime and manga series “Claymore.” Her primary ability lies in her incredible speed, which allows her to move so swiftly that she appears to be a phantom, effectively making her opponents lose track of her real position. This speed is not just in her movements but also in her attacks, making her a formidable opponent in battle.

Additionally, Miria possesses a keen tactical mind, often devising complex strategies to outmaneuver stronger opponents. She has a strong sense of leadership, often taking charge in group battles and ensuring the best use of her comrades’ abilities.

As a Claymore, she also has the ability to sense Yoma energy, which is a common trait among her kind. This allows her to detect Yoma and Awakened Beings, even when they are disguised as humans or hiding their presence. Her Yoma energy sensing is quite refined, enabling her to estimate the strength and number of her adversaries.

Miria’s combat skills are further enhanced by her swordsmanship, which is both precise and deadly. She wields her Claymore sword with great proficiency, capable of delivering lethal strikes to her enemies. Her technique is a balance of offense and defense, allowing her to protect herself while taking down her targets.

Like other Claymores, Miria can partially or fully awaken her Yoma powers to increase her strength and agility further, although doing so comes with the risk of losing her humanity and becoming an Awakened Being herself. Throughout the series, she demonstrates a strong will and mental fortitude, managing to control her awakening to a certain extent without succumbing to it.

Miria’s abilities are not just physical; her mental and emotional resilience plays a significant role in her survival and effectiveness as a warrior. Her determination and ability to inspire and lead others make her an invaluable member of any group she is part of.



Miria, known as “Miria the Phantom” for her exceptional speed and agility, is a Claymore warrior who develops deep bonds with her fellow warriors throughout the series. She is particularly close to Clare, Helen, and Deneve, with whom she forms a tight-knit group. Her leadership skills and strategic mind make her a central figure in the group, and she often takes on the role of a planner and tactician.

With Clare, Miria shares a mutual respect and understanding. They both have personal vendettas against the Yoma and the Organization that created them. Clare’s determination and growth as a warrior inspire Miria, and in turn, Miria’s guidance and protection bolster Clare’s resolve.

Helen and Deneve are also among Miria’s closest companions. Helen’s brash and outspoken nature contrasts with Miria’s more calculated approach, but they trust each other implicitly in battle. Deneve’s stoic and level-headed demeanor complements Miria’s strategic mindset, making them an effective pair in combat situations.

Throughout her journey, Miria encounters many other warriors, and she often inspires loyalty and camaraderie among them due to her leadership qualities and her willingness to challenge the Organization’s cruel practices. Her sense of justice and empathy for her fellow Claymores lead her to make decisions that prioritize their welfare over blind obedience to their creators.

Miria’s relationships extend beyond her immediate circle to other characters she meets throughout the series. She is known to form strategic alliances and is willing to put her trust in others if it means working towards a common goal. Her ability to connect with others, both on and off the battlefield, is a testament to her character and plays a significant role in her journey and the overarching narrative of the series.

Role in the Story


Miria is a significant character in the “Claymore” series, known as one of the Claymores—a group of female warriors who have been infused with the flesh and blood of Yoma, monstrous beings, to fight against their kind. She holds the rank of No. 6 among the organization’s warriors due to her exceptional skills and strategic mind.

As the story unfolds, Miria becomes a pivotal figure in uncovering the dark truths behind the Claymore organization and the Yoma. Her suspicions about the organization’s true intentions lead her to investigate further, which puts her at odds with the higher-ups. She plays a crucial role in organizing a rebellion against the organization, bringing together other Claymores who share her doubts and desire for the truth.

Her leadership qualities come to the forefront as she leads a group of fellow warriors in a daring assault against the organization’s headquarters. The mission is perilous, with the aim of freeing the captive Claymores and exposing the organization’s secrets. Miria’s strategic acumen and combat prowess are instrumental in navigating the challenges they face during this uprising.

Throughout the series, Miria also serves as a mentor and protector to the protagonist, Clare. She offers guidance and support to Clare and other younger Claymores, often putting their safety above her own. Her actions and decisions are driven by a deep sense of justice and a desire to liberate her fellow warriors from the control of the organization that has manipulated and used them.

Miria’s role extends beyond combat and rebellion; she is a catalyst for change within the world of “Claymore.” Her efforts to understand the true nature of their enemy and the origins of the Claymores themselves lead to significant revelations that impact the course of the story. Her journey reflects themes of self-discovery, the quest for truth, and the fight against oppressive systems.

Through her involvement in the narrative, Miria’s character evolves from a solitary warrior to a leader of a movement, showing her growth and the impact she has on the world around her. Her actions and decisions have far-reaching consequences, not just for herself and her fellow Claymores, but for the future of humanity in their struggle against the Yoma.


  • Miria is often referred to as “Miria the Phantom” due to her exceptional speed and agility, which allow her to move so fast that she appears to be a phantom to her enemies.
  • She holds the rank of No. 6 among the Claymores, which is a testament to her combat abilities and leadership skills.
  • The creator of “Claymore,” Norihiro Yagi, has not provided a detailed backstory for Miria, leaving much of her past shrouded in mystery and open to fan speculation.
  • Miria’s tactical acumen is highlighted throughout the series, as she is often seen devising strategies and plans for the group of Claymores she leads.
  • In various popularity polls conducted by the “Claymore” manga, Miria consistently ranks high, indicating her character’s popularity among fans.
  • Her character design, with distinctive silver eyes and blonde hair, is iconic and easily recognizable among the cast of “Claymore.”
  • Miria’s relationship with other characters, particularly with her fellow warriors, often showcases a more compassionate side, contrasting with her formidable presence on the battlefield.
  • The anime adaptation of “Claymore” concludes differently from the manga, and as such, Miria’s fate and character development vary between the two mediums.
  • Merchandise featuring Miria, such as figures and keychains, has been released, reflecting her popularity and the impact of her character on the “Claymore” fanbase.
  • Despite her serious demeanor, there are moments in both the anime and manga where Miria displays a sense of humor, adding depth to her character beyond her role as a warrior.

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