Raki is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. Initially introduced as a young boy from a small village, Raki’s life is forever changed when he encounters Clare, a member of the mysterious and powerful group known as Claymores—female warriors who are half-human, half-Yoma (monsters) and are employed to fight the Yoma that plague the land. After a tragic event involving his family and a Yoma, Raki becomes an outcast, only to be taken in by Clare as her cook and traveling companion.Throughout the series, Raki’s character evolves significantly, showcasing a multifaceted personality that ranges from naive and vulnerable to determined and courageous. His appearance is that of a typical human boy in the series, but as he grows older, he undergoes both physical and emotional changes that reflect his development and the harsh realities of the world he inhabits. While initially devoid of any special abilities, Raki’s experiences and encounters with various characters lead to the acquisition of skills that aid him in his journey.Raki’s relationships with other characters, particularly Clare, are central to his character arc and the overarching narrative of “Claymore.” These interactions not only influence his personal growth but also impact the dynamics within the world of the series. His role in the story extends from a mere bystander to an integral figure whose actions have significant consequences on the unfolding events.This page will delve into Raki’s background, exploring his origins and the pivotal moments that define him. It will also examine his personality traits, his physical appearance, and the abilities he gains throughout the series. Additionally, the relationships he forms with other characters will be discussed, highlighting their importance to both his character development and the plot. Finally, Raki’s role in the overall story of “Claymore” will be analyzed, along with a collection of trivia that offers further insight into his character and the series as a whole.



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Raki is a character from the dark fantasy manga and anime series “Claymore,” created by Norihiro Yagi. In the series, he is introduced as a young boy from a village that has suffered attacks from monstrous beings known as Yoma, which are demons that can take on human form and feed on human innards. After his family falls victim to a Yoma attack, Raki is orphaned and shunned by the villagers, who suspect him of being a Yoma due to his family’s contact with the monster.

His life takes a significant turn when a Claymore—a warrior named Clare who is part human and part Yoma—arrives in the village to slay the Yoma that killed Raki’s family. After Clare completes her mission, Raki, having nowhere else to go, starts to follow her on her journeys. As he is unable to return to his village, Clare reluctantly agrees to allow him to travel with her, and he becomes her cook and companion. Throughout the series, Raki’s background as a survivor of Yoma attacks and his status as an outcast from his village play a pivotal role in his development as a character and his perspective on the world of Claymores and Yoma.



Raki is portrayed as a kind-hearted and compassionate individual, often displaying a level of sensitivity and empathy that stands in contrast to the harsh world he inhabits. Initially, he appears somewhat naive and inexperienced, especially when it comes to the dangers of Yoma and the true nature of Claymores. Despite his early helplessness, he shows a strong determination to improve himself and be useful to others, particularly to Clare, the Claymore who saves his life.

His loyalty and affection towards Clare are defining aspects of his character. He admires her strength and dedication, and his interactions with her often bring out his more protective and caring side. Raki is also quite resilient, as he manages to adapt to difficult situations and cope with the trauma of losing his family to a Yoma attack.

As he matures throughout the series, Raki becomes more self-assured and capable, developing a sense of purpose and a desire to protect those he cares about. His experiences with various characters, including Clare and other Claymores, help him to build confidence and learn the importance of strength, both physical and emotional.

Raki’s personality is marked by his innate ability to see beyond the surface, recognizing the humanity within the Claymores despite their half-Yoma nature. This quality allows him to form deep bonds with them, transcending the typical human fear and prejudice against these warrior beings. His genuine concern for their well-being often serves as a source of comfort and motivation for the Claymores he encounters.



Raki is a young male character with a slender build and average height. In the anime and manga “Claymore,” he is depicted with short, messy brown hair and large, expressive brown eyes that convey his emotions vividly. His attire typically consists of a simple, long-sleeved tunic paired with trousers and boots, which is common for the medieval-inspired setting of the series.

As Raki travels and his character develops, his clothing may change slightly, reflecting his growth and the changes in his environment. However, his overall appearance remains that of a relatively unassuming and approachable boy, which contrasts with the often intimidating presence of the Claymores, the series’ titular half-human, half-Yoma (demon) warrior women. Despite his lack of physical prowess compared to the Claymores, Raki’s appearance evolves to reflect his inner strength and determination as he adapts to the harsh world he inhabits.



Raki, being a human in the anime and manga series “Claymore,” does not possess the same level of physical or supernatural abilities as the Claymores themselves, who are half-human, half-Yoma. However, he does exhibit certain skills and attributes that become more pronounced as the series progresses.

Initially, Raki’s abilities are limited as he is just a young boy. He starts as a burden rather than an asset in combat situations. However, his determination to survive and protect those he cares about drives him to improve his skills.

Under the tutelage of the Claymore Clare, Raki becomes proficient in swordsmanship. His combat skills are honed through his experiences traveling with Clare and encountering various dangers. He learns not only how to wield a sword effectively but also gains knowledge about Yoma and how to fight them, despite his human limitations.

As the series progresses, Raki’s physical strength and endurance improve significantly. This is partly due to his rigorous training and partly due to the natural growth and development as he matures from a boy into a young man.

Raki also develops a strong mental resilience, learning to cope with the harsh realities of the world he lives in. His experiences make him more capable of handling emotional stress and trauma, which is an important survival skill in the perilous settings of “Claymore.”

While Raki lacks the enhanced abilities of the Claymores, such as superhuman strength, speed, or sensory perception, his growth as a character is marked by his increasing competence in combat and his steadfastness in supporting the Claymores in their battles, making him a valuable ally despite his human status.



Raki forms several significant relationships throughout the Claymore series, both with Claymores and other characters.

**Clare:** Raki’s most profound relationship is with Clare, the first Claymore he encounters. After Clare saves him from a Yoma that had disguised itself as his brother, Raki is banished from his village. Clare allows him to follow her, and over time, they develop a close bond. Raki becomes Clare’s cook and caretaker, and despite the Claymores’ typical detachment from humans, Clare grows to care for him deeply. Their relationship is a blend of friendship, camaraderie, and unspoken affection, and it serves as a significant emotional anchor for both characters throughout the series.

**Priscilla:** Although Raki’s interactions with Priscilla are limited initially, she becomes an essential figure in his life. Unbeknownst to Raki, Priscilla is a former Claymore and the one responsible for the tragedy that befell Clare’s life. Their paths cross under unusual circumstances, and they travel together for a time, with Raki unaware of her true nature.

**Isley:** Raki encounters Isley, the former number one warrior of the Claymores who has since become an Awakened Being, during his travels. Isley becomes something of a mentor to Raki, teaching him how to survive and fight. Their relationship is complex, as Isley has his own agenda, but he plays a crucial role in Raki’s growth and development.

**The Organization:** Raki’s relationship with the Claymore Organization is strained due to his close association with Clare. He is often seen as a liability or a distraction by the Organization, which typically discourages Claymores from forming attachments with humans.

**Other Claymores:** Throughout the series, Raki meets and befriends other Claymores. He is generally well-liked and respected by the Claymores he encounters due to his kindness and the support he provides them. His interactions with other Claymores often shed light on their humanity and the harshness of their existence.

**Galk and Sid:** These two are among the first few humans Raki interacts with after being separated from Clare. Galk is a burly, good-natured warrior, while Sid is a more cynical and agile fighter. Both men come to respect Raki, recognizing his bravery and his unwavering resolve to reunite with Clare.

As Raki travels and matures, his relationships evolve, and he often serves as a bridge between the human and Claymore worlds. His compassion, understanding, and unyielding loyalty to Clare and his friends are central themes in his interactions with others.

Role in the Story


Raki is introduced as a young boy from a village in the series “Claymore.” His family is killed by a Yoma, which are shape-shifting monsters that feed on humans, and he is subsequently ostracized by his community due to fear that he may also become a Yoma. Clare, a Claymore or a half-human, half-Yoma warrior tasked with eliminating Yomas, saves Raki from being executed by his fellow villagers. After Clare kills the Yoma that had been masquerading as Raki’s brother, Raki decides to follow Clare on her journeys.

Throughout the series, Raki serves as a source of humanity and compassion for Clare, reminding her of her own human side despite her Claymore nature. His relationship with Clare is central to the story, as it helps to humanize the Claymores and provides a contrast to the often brutal and violent world in which they live.

As Raki travels with Clare, he learns more about the world of the Claymores, the organization that creates and controls them, and the true nature of the Yomas. His perspective as a human among half-monster warriors provides a unique viewpoint for the audience, offering insight into both the human and Yoma sides of the conflict.

Raki’s presence also serves as a catalyst for Clare’s development. His unwavering belief in her and their growing bond drives Clare to push beyond her limits and question the rigid rules of her existence as a Claymore. Raki’s own growth is evident as he evolves from a helpless child into a capable and determined individual, often finding his own ways to contribute to the battle against the Yomas.

Later in the story, Raki is separated from Clare and undergoes significant growth and training under the tutelage of the Claymore Priscilla. During this time, he becomes much more competent in survival and fighting skills, which allows him to play a more active role in the events that unfold.

Raki’s journey is one of maturation and discovery, as he seeks to reunite with Clare and understand the complexities of the world around him. His character provides a humanizing touchstone in the dark and often violent narrative of “Claymore,” and his relationships with Clare and other characters enrich the story with themes of friendship, loyalty, and the enduring human spirit in the face of monstrous adversity.


  • Raki is named after a Turkish alcoholic drink, which is interesting given that he is a young character in the series.
  • His character serves as a bridge between humans and Claymores, highlighting the humanity within the warrior women.
  • In the original Japanese version, Raki’s voice actor is Motoki Takagi, while in the English dub, he is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.
  • Raki’s growth and development throughout the series is a significant contrast to the mostly static Claymore characters, who do not age or change much physically.
  • His character is often criticized for being too weak or helpless, especially in the early parts of the series, though this serves to emphasize the strength and abilities of the Claymores.
  • Despite not being a fighter, Raki’s cooking skills are frequently showcased, providing a sense of normalcy and domesticity to the Claymore’s lives.
  • Raki’s bond with the protagonist Clare is central to the story, evolving from a sibling-like relationship to something deeper as the series progresses.
  • Some fans speculate that Raki’s character was designed to appeal to a younger male audience, offering someone they could identify with amidst a cast of predominantly female warriors.
  • Throughout the series, Raki wears a distinctive cross necklace, which is a gift from Clare and symbolizes their connection.
  • Raki’s journey from a frightened boy to a confident and capable young man mirrors the overarching themes of growth and transformation in the Claymore series.

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